Retail Management

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

This book is an attempt to communicate the various developments occurring in the retail market especially on account of the evolving consumer behaviour. The textbook will be useful to all students of Retail Management. This book comprises of six parts, where the first five parts cover '14 chapters' related to the different and important facts of retail management. The last section (part 6) on 'cases' is devoted to the study of 12 real Indian retail firms. This comprehensive book on Retail Management is based on materials drawn from various books, magazines and other secondary sources to make the content matter more informative, interesting and an enjoyable experience.


Contents :

Part - 1 Introduction and Role of Research in Retailing
1. Introduction to Retail Management
2. Retail Market Strategy and Consumerism
3. Research for Retailing
Part - 2 Planning and Other Management Functions
4. Planning and Merchandise Management for Retail Outlets
5. Finance and Location Strategies for Retailing
6. Location Selection and Human Resource Management
7. Marketing Management and Related Issues in Retailing
Part - 3 Stores Management and Information Technology
8. Store Loyalty Management and Visual Merchandising
9. Retailing and Information Technology (IT) Support Systems
Part - 4 Supply Chain, Customer Services and Relationship Management
10. Supply Chain Management
11. Importance of Customer Service and Quality Management
12. Customer Relationship Management
Part - 5 Management of Woes, Franchising, Brand and Malls
13. Common Woes in Retailing
14. Franchising, Brand and Mall Management
Part - 6 Cases

About The Author

Suja R. Nair is a B.A. (Hons.) and also holds a Masters Degree (MBA) in Business Management. She is a Strategic Marketing Consultant to Educe Micro Research, Bangalore. Prior to this, she had been working as a practicing-manager (with the corporate sector) and as a Management faculty at various academic institutions in Bangalore. She has also been an author with the Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India, since 1999 and written text books on Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Management and Organisational Behaviour.

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