Research Methodology in Management

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Book Edition : Fifth

Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

Research Methodology in Management has now become an important area of study for students, teachers and practitioners in management. This is particularly so because of the change which take place in the management concept itself. In place of the traditional principles of management, a strategic management philosophy is emerging fast, in which managerial analysis has an integral part. Thus, managerial analysis and managerial research widespread attention of all those who are interested in management.

This is perhaps, the reason why our book "Research Methodology in Management" has received extensive appreciation, and has gone in for the next edition. On the basis of the suggestion of the various sections f the readers, the book has undergone revisions and enlargements. It has undergone a thorough revision. The needs and views of my readers have been the main force before me in incorporating various additions and deletions in this edition. In the context of the emerging globalization of business, the next millennium has great things in store for thinkers and practitioners in Management. Managerial research has a great role to play in this respect.


Contents :

1. Research in Management An Introductory Approach
2. Types of Research
3. Research Design
4. The Process of Research
5. Data in Managerial Analysis
6. Scientific Method and Hypothesis
7. Classification and Tabulation
8. Presentation of Data
9. Scaling Techniques
10. Report Writing
11. Research An Aid to Decision-Making
12. Research in Managerial Functions
13. Research in Functional Areas
14. Statistical Methods in Managerial Analysis
15. Quantitative Techniques in Management
16. Quantitative Techniques : Linear Programming
17. Dynamic Programming
18. Quantitative Techniques: Some Additional Highlights
19. Computers in Management
20. Conclusion

About The Author

Prof. V.P. Michael is a prolific writer in management. His most popular books include over a dozen of widely acclaimed titles in management. He had a brilliant academic career with extensive research, consultancy, professional experience and post-graduate teaching experience in management; and has formidable academic qualifications (three doctoral degrees, three master’s degrees, two fellowships and a number of other qualification including MBA and Ph.D. in Management).   

A management and HRD consultant of considerable repute, Dr. Michael is a sought after trainer and faculty for management education, who is a well-known authority in the subject.   

 A Fellow of the British Institute of Management, London, Prof. Michel has membership of a number of professional bodies. Many of his research papers and professional articles appeared in reputed professional journal

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