Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 188

About The Book

The mind of the superior man is conversant with righteousness;

The mind of the mean man is conversant with gain.

Ethics has become the buzzword in the corporate world because of globalization and communication explosion. Ethics is related to every aspect of our life. It is the set of the guiding principle for doing right things.

Ethics is a part of business and the business cannot overlook various ethical issues. Business Ethics has been a hot topic and a growing discipline in India.

This book is an adventure into the world of Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Governance deals essentially with ethical issues. The need to study Corporate Governance has become imperative in view of the number of international frauds and other irregularities that the business world has seen from the third quarter of the last century.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Ethics
2. Business Ethics
3. Business Practices
4. Whistle Blowing and Insider Trading
5. Disclosure Requirements
6. Values
7. Teaching from Scriptures
8. Corporate Governance
9. Evolution of Corporate Governance
10. Recommendations of Various Committees on Corporate Governance
11. Various Committees for Effective Corporate Governance
12. Corporate Governance in Banks
13. Corporate Governance in Insurance Industry
14. Corporate Governance in Globalised Economy
15. Code of Conduct
16. Code of Conduct for Banks
17. Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
18. Arguments for and against CSR
19. Social Responsibility towards Different Stakeholders
20. CSR Initiatives
21. CSR towards Social Organisations
22. Corruption
23. Frauds in Banks
24. Fraud in Insurance Industry
25. Scams and Scandals
26. Competition Act, 2002
27. Intellectual Property Rights
28. Computer Crime
Case Studies

About The Author

Mrs. Riya Rupani is the Head, Department of B.M.S and Banking and Insurance.

She has completed her Masters Degree in Commerce, Cost Accounting as a specialized subject. She also has degree of MHRDM (Masters in Human Resource Development and Management) to her credit. She holds NCFM`s certification in Financial Market and NCFM`s Certification in Corporate Governance module as well.

She has a teaching experience of more than 7 years in Banking and Insurance, B.M.S and Accounts and Finance courses. She has attended and also participated in several workshops, seminars, conferences focusing on Banking, Insurance and Corporate sector. She has presented paper on topic "Legal and Regulatory Framework governing the Insurance."

She loves to acquaint students with the skills set which will help them to have edge over their counterparts, so has delivered lectures on public speaking, Presentaion skills, Tips on exam answer Paper presentation, Motivation etc. She is well linked and keenly interested in student`s development and welfare.

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