Business Communication

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-747-6

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Book Edition : Sixth

Year of Publication : 2014

No. Of Pages : 350

About The Book

Most jobs today require proficiency in communication skills. As business expands, international markets and collaborations develop, and competition gets tougher, the demands on communication ability in the workplace are increasing. With the `workplace` becoming globalised, awareness of multicultural sensitivity and etiquette forms a part of communication skills. In fact, `skills of communication` is itself a field expanding rapidly.

Achieving proficiency in communication is a lifelong process. And, an individual`s own desire and conscious effort are absolutely necessary for acquiring expertise. The basic principles can be learnt, but internalising them and making them a part of one?s behaviour takes time. The principles presented in this book and learnt during this course will provide a solid foundation for further growth of capability.

This book covers the revised course of 2014-15 for F.Y. BMS Semester I of University of Mumbai. The material is the product of extensive classroom and training experience.


Contents :

1. Concept of Communication
2. Importance of Corporate Communication
3. Modern Methods of Communication
4. Formal Channels of Communication
5. Objectives of Communication
6. Barriers to Communication
7. Essentials of Business Correspondence
8. Methods of Written Communication
9. Parts and Layouts of Business Letters
10. Job Application and CV
11. Enquiries and Orders
12. Sales and Promotion
13. Status Inquiries, Credit and Collection
14. Complaints, Claims and Adjustments
15. Letters Related to Consumer Grievance and Right to Information Act
16. Meetings: Notice, Agenda and Resolutions
17. Reports
18. Meetings and Group Discussions
19. Interviews
20. Presentations
21. Understanding the Audience
22. Non-verbal Communication − Body Language
23. Business Etiquette and Manners
24. Listening Skills
25. Case Studies

About The Author

S.M. Rai was Head of the English Department at Jai Hind College before joining as Principal of Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai, where he was for eleven years. He was on the Advisory Board of Tolani College and was in charge of the Education and Literary Project under the able guidance of Dr Tolani, Tolani Shipping Company. He is a life member of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai and has served on its Book Selection Committee.      

He was member of the Mumbai University Senate and Board of Studies in English. He has edited a book of essays and a collection of poems for the University of Mumbai. He has written several short stories and poems and at present, is engaged in writing two novels, one in Kannada and one in English.

Urmila Rai was Principal of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce in Mumbai, for fourteen years and later, Director of Pillais` Institute of Management Studies in New Panvel. She has taught Communication in Sydenham Collage, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management and Narsee Monjee Institute of Management. At present, she is Visiting Faculty for Communication Techniques in Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and is also corporate trainer for several companies including many ing. She has conducted training sessions for Thermax, Forbes Marshall, Maersk (India) and Knight Frank (India).

She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and has guided students for Ph.D. she has been a member of the Senate and the Academic Council of the University of Mumbai.

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