Computer Business Applications

ISBN Number : 978-93-5051-288-3

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Book Edition : Fifth

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 280

About The Book

This book is written keeping in mind the uninitiated and the requirement of graduate students who have to learn computer basics. The book gives an overview of computer, its historical development and commercial applications.

The computer is fast becoming an essential part of human life and its influence is rising very rapidly. Its versatility has contributed to its wide spread use in almost all walks of human activity. The spread of computer education and the availability of hardware and software at affordable prices have contributed to its becoming popular even in the so called `third world countries`.

The computer has already made substantial inroads into business firms, large and small, and is gradually catching up with homes including middle class ones. It will be impossible to live without the computer after a few years if the current trends continue to happen.

Book Content of Computer Business Applications

Unit 1 Introduction to Windows

Unit 2 Introduction to MS-Word

Unit 3 Introduction to Worksheet

Unit 4 Introduction to Power Presentation & MS − Outlook

Unit 5 Introduction to Desktop Publishing, Computer Viruses, Security and Usage of e-mail, Designing Web Page

Unit 6 Accounting Software − Using Tally Software

About The Author

Vishal Soni -


Vishwakarma Institute of Management,

Kondhawa Budruk, Pune.

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