Communication Today

ISBN Number : 978-93-5051-229-6

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 468

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About The Book

Communication Today, An In-depth, Hands-on Reference is designed to be working, all-in-one reference to all of the aspects that make up corporate communication function. While its broad scope and in-depth coverage will prove beneficial and indispensable to students, practicing managers and business professionals.

Each of the numerous topics covered is written in a clear and concise style with supportive examples used to illustrate key points. Topics are organised in a practical, quick-reference format according to the major operational areas of communication.

The book also offers a valuable contribution to the field of interpersonal skills training. IT enable you to get your message across and understand others more quickly. You will be able as a result to get more done in less time-----and more effectively implemented than before.


Book Content of Communication Today
1. Communication Theory
2. Special Skills for Effective Communication
3. Conversational Skill and Control
4. Standard English in Business Writing
5. The Business Letter
6. Creativity
7. Other Forms of Business Communication
8. Gestures, a Working Bibliography

About The Author

The book "Time Management" written by Reuben Ray has produced a text that does more than simply analyse the challenge to corporate world.   

Reuben is professionally blended with high academic standard in Science and Management, Linguistics andsocial sciences, literature, literature and philosophy, having accomplished several post-graduate degrees and diplomas in the specialized subjects.

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