Investment Banking - Text and Cases

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

Rapid progress of information technology and greater collaboration among financial regulators has led to closer links in the international capital markets. As global capital markets have become more integrated, global firms have moved to establish a local presence in major financial markets around the world. To enhance this presence, larger sums of money are moving across borders, and more countries have access to international finance. The business of investment banking is extremely competitive and is trending towards one-stop shopping and globalization. Investment banks no longer engage in investment banking operations only; they have ventured into other areas of financial services to meet clients` demands for one-stop shopping.

Today, Investment banking includes a wide variety of activities, including underwriting, selling, trading securities, private placement, providing financial advisory services, managing hedge funds, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equities, market making, structured finance, syndication functions. Investment bank facilitate to various group of stakeholders, companies, governments, non-profit institutions and individuals to raise funds in the capital market. The key objective of this book is to provide students and business professionals an insight into the principles, operational policies and practices of the investment banks, to put the investment banking business in India in a perspective way to occupy a significant and distinctive competitive position in the minds of the investors and enhance investor`s confidence in the coming years.

The book Investment Banking-Text & Cases is designed to use as an academic text for MBA students, M.Com. students, MFC students, CFAs, CAs, Ph.D. Students, researchers and academicians. Also it is used as a professional reference for business professionals

The book entirely covers the healthy theme of investment banking. The Chapters that are included in this volume would go a long way of great value and useful to students, research scholars, academic community as well as corporate world. The text is presented in a rational manner and easy language to meet the specific needs of the object group.


Contents :

Chapter 1 : Investment Banking
Chapter 2 : Equity Markets, Bond Market and Private Placements
Chapter 3 : Initial Public Offerings
Chapter 4 : Stock Valuations
Chapter 5 : Mergers, Acquisitions and Reorganizations
Chapter 6 : Venture Capital
Chapter 7 : Private Equity
Chapter 8 : Leveraged Buyout − LBO
Chapter 9 : Mezzanine Financing
Chapter 10: Structured Finance
Chapter 11: Loan Syndication
Chapter 12: Stock Broking
Chapter 13: Hedge Funds

About The Author

Prof. Naliniprava Tripathy is currently working at Indian Institute of Management Shillong. Prior joining to IIM Shillong, she has served as Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Indore. She holds M.Com, M. Phil., PhD., and D.Lit Degree in Management. She was also the recipient of Postdoctoral Research Awards in Management and Fellowships of University Grant Commission, Government of India, New Delhi. She has twenty years of teaching, corporate research and consultancy experience. She has written six books and more than eighty research papers to her credit. She is also conferred gold medal for India by ABI USA for outstanding contribution in research. She has presented research papers in international conference at Seoul. Colombo, New York, Sydney, Dubai, London, Oman and Boston. Currently, she is International Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Economics and Management, Malaysia; International Journal of Social and Economic Research, SAARC Journal of Current Social Research, International Journal of Business and Development Research; Cambodia; International Journal of Business and Accountancy; Malaysia; International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets Inderscience Publisher, UK.

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