Insight Retailing in the 21st Century

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Year of Publication : 2012

About The Book

Retailing holds a great promise for India as Indian economy is passing through a sea change and suitably restructuring itself to create a better future for her millions of children. It is a promise that can help us eradicate poverty, it`s a promise that can change the destiny of millions of people who are inhabiting thousands of hamlets in the remote corners of the country. It`s a promise that would create hundreds and thousands of jobs for our youth. But it`s not a promise sans challenges. We need to be bold, courageous and wise to rewrite our policies, devise new strategies, integrate our strengths, bridge the loopholes and do out of box thinking so that we can draw maximum mileage out of this promising phenomenon. It`s not just a promise for us in general but it a promise for the economies around the world in particular which are struggling to emerge out of the clutches of recession. All the big names in retailing are vying for a space in India. Some are already here and have set their shops and some are on the verge of entering. We are witnessing a big hoopla across the world because India has a huge chunk of middle class with an ever increasing purchasing power. The whole world is looking at India with abated breath as one of the unmatchable market destinations of today and tomorrow.

The book, "Insight to Retailing in the 21st Century" is the outcome of all this intellectual churning that`s happening around at the moment. So the research in this book has the potential to guide our burgeoning industries through these tasting times. The book is divided into 4 parts:- Part A "Retail Market Issues and Challenges of Development Strategies" Part B deals with "IT and Customer Relationship Management" Part C of the book, "Retail Strategy" focuses on another feature of vital importance is that of `strategy`. Part D highlights, "Insight into the Behaviour of Consumers". We sincerely hope that this book will meet the needs of the people related to this field and will be helping to understand the fine nuances of retailing in a larger context.

Book Content of Insight Retailing in the 21st Century

1. Indian Retail Industry − Opportunities and Challenges of Development Strategies
- Prof. Vijaya Jacquiline, Prof. Pradnya Mhamunkar
2. An Empirical Study on PEST Factors Influencing The Indian Retail Industries
- Prof. Raju Kamble, Prof. Nandini M Deshpande
3. Trends in Retailing and their Impact on National and Local Economy
- Prof. Rajan J Nandola, Deepali Keluskar
4. Retail Locations − Opportunities and Challenges in India
- Prof. Vikram Parekh
5. Challenges in Retailing
- Prof. Shaguifta Sayyed
6. The Global Marketing Challenges: An Overview
- Prof. Vidya A.Nakhate
7. Organized and Unorganized Retailing in India Opportunities and Challenges
- Prof. Komal Chopra
8. Challenges for Traditional Retailers in Globalised Era
- Dr. Aftab Anwar Shaikh, Prof. Rakesh Mittal
9. Retail in Rural India Problems and Prospects
- Prof. S.K.Khamkar, Prof. Ganesh Tondlekar
10. The Rural Retailing Panorama in India
- Prof. Renu K. Ranjan, Mrs. Neha Chopde
11. Retail Sector in India : Issues and Challenges
- Prof. Arvind A Dhond
12. Growth of Organized Retail: An Opportunity for Rural Sector
- Prof. Vinay Kumar, Prof. Kajal Maheshwari
13. Malls and Metaphors Imagery to Bond Frame and Differentiate the Mall Experience
- Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla, Prof. Pratish Srivastav
14. Green Retailing A Step Towards Environment Commitment
- Prof. Ritu Sinha
15. Green Marketing
- Dr. Anjali Kalkar, Prof. Gauri Dhingra
16. Awaiting Job Opportunities in Retail Sector
- Prof. Sonal Vyas
17. A Study of Different Formats of Store and Non-store Retail Outlets in Pune City
- Prof. Kamlakar Munde, Prof. Laxmi Bhagwathkar
18. Financial Analysis of Apna Bazar Consumer Co-operative Retail Store
- Dr.H.S.Cheema, Prof. Sneha Chavan, Dr. R. Patil, Mr. S. Balasubramanian
19. Merchandising in Pharmaceutical Retail: Changing for Better Tomorrow
- Mr. Chandrashekar, Prof. Suresh Kaushik 20. Role of Store in Retail Environment
- Dr. Shelja Jose Kuruvilla, Prof. Sakina Patanwalla, Prof. Vivek Dubey
21. Study of Factors Determining Store Choice
- Prof. Sarika Zambad, Prof. Snehal Galande
22. Visual Merchandising in the Indian Retail Sector
- Dr. Gulnar Sharma, Dr. Meghashri Dalvi, Prof. Mitisha Amin

23. Application of Automation in Retail Sector
- Prof. Monica Khanna
24. CRM A tool for Competitive Advantages with special Reference to Retail Sector
- Dr.Chandan Bora, Prof. Pratik Dharamshi
25. Statistical Process Control
- Mrs. Ujjvala Ajit Phatak, Dr. Nagendra Nath Pandey
26. Organized Retail Sector − A Key to Rural Development − In Special Context to Raigad District
- Dr. Pallavi A. Shah, Prof. Jayashree V.Kulkarni
27. Role of Supply Chain in Retail Sector
- Prof. Nivedita Moharir
28. Customer Relationship Management in the Global Market: A Perspective
- Prof. Shikha Singh
29. CRM in Retail An Analytical Study of Customer Perception towards Retail in Pune
- Prof. Ruby S Chanda, Prof. Vishal Bhole
30. CRM in Retailing
- Prof. Thomson Varghese, Prof. Santosh Kulkarni, Porf. Radhika Pujari, Prof. Clifford D`Souza, Prof. Pooja Patale
31. Customizing the Web Browser
- Prof. Sharmila Gaikwad
32. On line Retailing Security Aspects
- Mrs. Sushma V Sumant

33. Private Branding : New Success Mantra of Indian Retail Stores
- Prof. Parul Singhal, Prof. Rupal A Shroff
34. A study of A Retail Consumer for Successful Design and Execution of Retail Strategy
- Prof. S.D.Takalkar, Prof. Nalanda D Wani
35. Retail Strategy in Rural Marketing
- Dr. Mamta A Mishra, Prof. Harish Naidu, Prof. Nikhil Adhav
36. Rural Marketing in India : Implication of New Strategy
- Dr. Sanjay Kaptan
37. Marketing Strategies for Rural Retailers
- Dr. Richa Jain
38. A Research Study on Floor Operations Carried out in Retail Stores
- Prof. Jaimini Sail
39. Wireless Marketing: New Era Mobile Marketing Trend
- Prof. Akanksha Nigam
40. Charm Shopper`s and Retain them in Store
- Prof. Amisha Dawda
41. Customize Ambience Makeover for Customer Attraction…
- Leena Thomas

42. Role of Children in Consumer Segment of Retailing
- Mrs. Sheth Vaishali, Mrs. Moon Paiithannkar, Mrs. Kethaki Vidhate
43. Influence of Gender towards Brand Choice of Cell Phone Users in Mumbai
- Dr. H.S. Cheema, Prof. Vinay Pandit
44. Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement in Brand Recall and Purchase Decision in Retailing
- Dr. H.S. Cheema, Prof. Arun Poojari
45. Retailing Dynamics in Indian Perspective: Customer Insights
- Dr. H.S. Cheema, Prof. Gowri Shankar
46. A Study on Consumer fondness towards Organized Retail Sector with Reference to Bhopal
- Dr. Anil Mishra, Prof. Bharat Goel

About The Author

Prof. K. Jadhav did his post-graduation in English Literature from the Department of English, University of Pune, in the year 1980. He has thirty years Experience of teaching English language, Literature, Business English and Communication Skills to the students of undergraduate and postgraduate levels of different disciplines in various colleges and institutes in and around Pune. For several years he has been training students for qualifying examinations such as GMAT, GRE, SAT and  CAT. He has served University of Pune in different capacities as a Principal, as a subject expert, as a member of textbook writing and the affiliation committee. He has participated in a number of seminars, workshops and symposia related to language and literature teaching during all these years of his career.

Dr. H.S. Cheema has total work experience of 28 years in Industry. Academic (sales, marketing. channel management. product development, licensing, merchandising and exports). He has also handled exports to the countries like Nepal. Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He has a major exposure of handling sales at National level. He has presented papers at National and International Conference, and has received honours in research paper contest. His paper has been selected at the International Level, and had presented papers at APMC Asia-Pacific Marketing Conference in Malaysia, and at MAG Scholar Conference at Wellington. New Zealand.   

He is also invited as a Chairperson in IBS Hyderabad. IBS Powai. IMI Indore. and other B-schools, to the Chair the session. He has to his credit of taking first movers advantage in analysing the case study on "Chak De India" as management training tool. He has conducted workshop based on Chak De for 24 B-schools in Indore with wider media coverage, where media has addressed him as a Management Guru. He has conceptualised innovative big events in academic, i.e., "Chakravyuh", "GNIMS da Lashkara" and "Aashayein". He is the Author of the book "Rural Marketing Opportunities and Challenges" and Co-editor of four books: (1) "Glimpses of Emerging Trends in Trade and Development", (2) "Entrepreneurship, Growth and Economic Integration − A Linkage" (3) "Library: A Temple of Learning and Knowledge House", and (4) "Women Empowerment in the 2 Century".   

Dr. H.S. Cheema is also Founder Editor-in-chief of "Atmajvot" and Gyan Samhita Journal of Research. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of various National and International Journals like: (1) "IMI Disha", (2) "International Journal of Management Prudence", (3) "Management Prudence", (4) "Editorial Review Board of Asian Journal of Business Research", (MAG Scholar, New Zealand)", and (5)"Kaleidoscopic Perspectives of Research in the Globalized Era".   

He is also Lifemember of Higher Education Forum, Lifemember of ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development), Member of Commerce Teachers Association of SNDT Women`s University, Mumbai, Lifemember of Maharashtra State Commerce Association, Recognised as a PG Teacher of the Mumbai University for MMS degree.   

Dr. H.S. Chcema is a CEO and Dean with Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (IFEEL).

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