Human Resource Management (Text and Cases)

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

HRM is an important core subject in UG and PG courses in Management, Commerce, Social Science and Computer Application fields. It is essential that all the graduates imbibe HR qualities to be more effective in taking care of their responsibilities.

Management experts, time and again have told that production, marketing and finance functions are main activities of any business firm. Who will take care of all these key functions? It is employees or human resource who can make stagnate or mar an organization. In addition to best facilities an organization must have best or most suitable employees to take care of various operations and activities pertaining to its objectives. Human Resource have to be selected, trained, developed and adapted to the work environment. This means HR and HRD are very important factors of any organization. The entrepreneurs who have taken good care of their talented and key employees have always been very successful. prosperous and growing.

Whatever is the area of work (Finance, ITES, Marketing, etc) the impact of HRD is bound to be felt. Ultimately it is the employees who give a good reputation to their organization. Hence know -how of HR related functions are very important in all the types of organizations. Now a days International HRM studies also has gained great importance due to large impact of globalization.


Book Content of Human Resource Management (Text and Cases)
1. Nature and Scope of HRM
2. Human Resource Planning (HRP)
3. Recruitment and Selection
4. Human Resource Development
5. Compensation Management
6. Performance Management
7. Health, Safety and Social Well-being
8. Industrial Relations
9. Discipline Management
10. Recent Trends in HRM
11. International HRM
12. Case Studies
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About The Author

Dr. Ravindranath Badi has got vast experience as executive in corporate world and is the Principal of Management Institutes in Bangalore. He has written a number of books for PG and UG programme in Commerce and Management studies. Many of his books have been recognized as text books in various universities of India. He has focussed more on writing for subjects where Indian author`s books are needed with Indian case studies. Recently he has been awarded the "National Teachers Excellence Award-2010 in Management Education".

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