Management of Banks

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

No organisations can achieve its goals and objectives without proper and effective management. Management is the lifeblood of any organisation whether commercial, manufacturing or service industry like banks. Proper management helps in ensuring that all the faculties are functioning in a planned and desired manner. For efficient and effective management technical, conceptual and behavioural skills are must.

Managing bank is not a routine affair. Banks are financial institution dealing mainly in intermediation of funds. They do business on the funds and trust of people. As economic structure of a country largely depends on its sound banking system, banks have added responsibility of infusing public confidence in the financial system of the country. Government and the Central Bank (Reserve Bank in case of India) not only lay down policy guidelines for banks but also closely supervise and monitor them and their performance.

All commercial organisations including banks are profit conscious. Hence, all activities of bank management are directed towards business growth and profit maximistion without ignoring and compromising social and economic responsibilities. Keeping in view the activities performed by banks, the book has been designed in four parts, which takes care of various functional aspects of management, i.e., business growth, monitoring, manpower etc.

The book has been written keeping in view the requirements of commerce graduates, postgraduates, management students of various universities who have opted banking or bank management as one of the subject or are specialising in banking. The book would also be of immense help to those perusing ICWA, other professional courses and to professional bankers. The book will impart functional knowledge to IT professionals working in the area of banking. The book would be able to address ever-increasing knowledge impatience of those who have chosen banking as career and want to have professional edge over others.


Contents :

1. Structure of Indian Banking
2. Commercial Bank
3. Central Bank - Reserve Bank of India
4. Financial Institutions
5. Negotiable Instruments
6. Banker Customer Relationship
7. Accounts of Different Types of Customers
8. Deposits
9. Non-resident Deposits
10. Other Banking Services
11. Technology Based Services
12. Loans, Advances and Charging of Security
13. Letters of Credit
14. Customer Service
15. Non-performing Assets and Prudential Accounting Norms
16. Audit and Inspection
17. Prevention of Frauds
18. Fundamentals of Risk Management
19. Performance Budgeting
20. Process of Management
21. Human Resource Management
22. Performance Appraisal
23. Training
24. Promotion
25. Motivation Amendments made by RBI

About The Author

Dr. Khanna did his doctorate from R.A. Podar Institute of Management, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. His topic of Research was "Dynamics of Motivation: A Case Study of Selected Bank". Dr. Khanna joined bank as an officer in 1969 and retired as a senior executive after serving the bank for over 36 years. He served the bank in different functional, supervisory and administrative cap icities both in India and overseas offices of the bank. He was Regional Manager, in charge of bank`s training establishments and CEO of Regional Rural Bank sponsored by the bank. His articles on banking and topics of management are published in "IBA Bulletin, Indian Banker, published by Indian Bank`s Association, Mumbai and in `Southern Economist" published from Bangalore. Dr. Khanna also writes short stories in Hindi which are published in Hindi Magazine. He is a visiting faculty in MBA colleges and also in M.S. University, Baroda. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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