Dynamic Global Retailing Management

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

Dynamic Global Retailing Management because, first of all, we are dealing with ever changing customers and their lifestyles, needs and desires; secondly, the market forces, both national and global, that are swiftly volatile and highly fluid; thirdly, global competition, that is forcing retailers to be as their toes and to be more proactive than reactive and to be more dynamic than static. That is why we call the book "Dynamic Global Retailing Management" and to be successful in Retailing Management. The retailers has address the dynamic and global forces in the marketplace.

This pioneering book on retailing management prepares men and women for the exciting, challenging and rewarding career of managing in retailing industry - a sunrise industry in India in the New Millennium. The book is primarily based on the author`s consulting experiences, experiments and global research in retailing management.

In this book 16 valuable chapters, the book is created to a discussion of all vital areas and functions of retail management with a global perspective, challenging issues of retailing industry, strengths and weaknesses of retailing, line and staff functions of retailing management and live cases of how top retailers manage various aspects and functions of retailing.

Book Content of Dynamic Global Retailing Management
1. Retailing Industry
2. Retailing Management: Theory and Practice
3. Retailing Management Philosophy
4. Customer is the King: Customer First Policy
5. Retail Merchandising Management
6. Retailing Operations Management
7. Retail Marketing Management
8. Retail Human Resource Management
9. Retail Finance Management
10. Retail Security Management
11. Retail Warehousing and Inventory Management
12. Retail Information Management
13. Case Studies - Wal-Mart
14. Marks and Spencer
15. Sears Roebuck Story

About The Author

M.N. Rudrabasavaraj´╗┐ -

President and Executive Director of MNR Associates Pvt. Ltd., a firm of international management consultants, headquartered in Singapore but with operations exetended to countries like Singapore, Japan, India, Indonesia, USA, UK, Europe, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Canada, Fiji, Middle East, etc. Consultancy assignments cover advising and assisting clients in improving management, human resources management, human resource development, professionalisation, management philosophy, leadership, future professional management development, organisation design, development and structuring, total productivity improvement, customer first management, career development and management succession, quality of management, people and services, corporate planning and expansion and undertaking various studies-corporate, national, regional and global-on industries, markets, consumers, employees and developing models, manuals, systems, policies, procedures and organisation cultures.

Very much married, with a son, who is schooling and interested in all good things in life. Currently engaged in developing and implementing Global Human Growth Model dedicated to providing the three fundamental Es-(1) education for all, (2) employment for all, (3) energising all people to realise their maximum potentialities and assisting and advising Governments and Global Agencies in Human Growth and changing the world for better.

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