Principles and Practice of Bank Management

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Banks are venturing in the new areas and are broadening their horizons. Banks have entered into the field Insurance, Venture capital, Cash management, introduced innovative products and services and have become customer-oriented. With the help of information technology, banks have implemented `Internet banking,` Core Banking Solution` and have revolution the entire operations. Banks have changed their image and have transformed them into a young and energetic bank. With the opening if new generation technological savvy bank in the private sector, bank in India are now operating in a competitive environment.


Content -

1. Moving Down the Memory Lane
2. Nationalisation of Banks
3. Other Important Banking Institution
4. Introduction to Modern Management
5. Corporate Planning
6. Organising
7. Directing
8. Controlling
9. Management of Credit and Investment
10. Marketing Management In Banks
11. Human Resources Management in Banks

About The Author

Prof. Pulapa Subba Rao has acquired his Ph.D. degree in Management area from Andhra University and has been teaching various courses in the areas of Business Management since 1976. He is a teacher, researcher, trainer, consultant, academic administrator and author in the areas of business and management, with a blend of national and international systems and cultures. He is currently working as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Student Affairs) of the University of Papua New Guinea. He was the Founding Professor of Business Administration, the Convener, Executive MBA Program Head, Human Resource Management Division of the School of Business Administration and the Director-Academic Audit, University of Papua New Guinea. He worked earlier in Sir CRR College, Sri SathyaSai University, University of Asmara, and SK Institute of Management, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Anantapur, India.

He was the recipient of `National Merit Scholarship` from Government of India, the `Meritorious Teacher` award from the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and the President of the India Association of PNG Inc. He is a member of the Advisory Board, Internal Revenue Commission and Technical Advisor, Papua New Guinea Vision: 2010-2050, Government of Papua New Guinea.

Dr. Khanna did his doctorate from R.A. Podar Institute of Management, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. His topic of Research was "Dynamics of Motivation: A Case Study of Selected Bank". Dr. Khanna joined bank as an officer in 1969 and retired as a senior executive after serving the bank for over 36 years. He served the bank in different functional, supervisory and administrative cap icities both in India and overseas offices of the bank. He was Regional Manager, in charge of bank`s training establishments and CEO of Regional Rural Bank sponsored by the bank. His articles on banking and topics of management are published in "IBA Bulletin, Indian Banker, published by Indian Bank`s Association, Mumbai and in `Southern Economist" published from Bangalore. Dr. Khanna also writes short stories in Hindi which are published in Hindi Magazine. He is a visiting faculty in MBA colleges and also in M.S. University, Baroda. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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