Essentials of Financial Management

ISBN Number : 978-81-8488-613-9

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 320

About The Book

Financial Management is an integral part of commerce education. Bangalore University has been prescribing a paper on Financial Management in the syllabus for B.Com. In the annual scheme, financial management was only a portion in the paper on Business Management-II. In the present semester scheme, the paper is given an independent status. This is a welcome step.

I have brought out Financial Management to meet the needs of the students pursuing B.Com. course in Bangalore University. I am aware of the fact there are several good books already available on the subject. I claim uniqueness for my book the following areas:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the subject for undergraduate students.
  • Presentation of subject which is direct and which is free from verbosity and tautology.
  • Pedagogic aids comprising 80 illustrations, and 100 problems with answers.
  • Self-taught tools comprising 120 fill in the blanks statement with answers, 120 true of false statements with answers, and 100 solved problems.
Book Content of Essentials of Financial Management
  1. Introduction to Financial Management
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Time Value of Money
  4. Cost of Capital
  5. Capital Structure (Including Leverage)
  6. Capital Budgeting
  7. Working Capital Management
  8. Cash Management
  9. Receivables Capitals Management
  10. Inventory Management
  11. Sources of Working Capital
  12. Divided Policy



About The Author

G. Sudarsana Reddy is Professor of Management at Seshadripuram Institute of Management and Studies, Bengaluru. He is an MBA, M.Com, MFM, and Ph.D. He has been teaching Postgraduate Subjects for the last eleven years in the areas of Financial Management, International Financial Management, Project Appraisal and Finance, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, and Financial Institutions and Markets.

He has published five books - "Essentials of Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Financial Management: Principles and Practice; Financial Management and Strategic Management." He coauthored eight books - "Strategic Management : Text and Cases; Management and Behavioural Process; Management and Organisational Behaviour; Business Environment for Strategic Management; Business Law; Production and Operations Management; Organisational Behaviour; and Business Environment." He has published more than 50 research papers in the journals of all-India repute. He has also presented more than 25 papers in the national and international seminars.

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