Indian Constitution

ISBN Number : 978-93-5142-166-5

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Book Edition : Fourth

Year of Publication : 2014

No. Of Pages : 388

About The Book

This book has been prepared to fulfil the requirements of the compulsory paper on Indian Constitution under Bangalore University. The introduction of the paper is, indeed, an expression of the imperative that all of us must learn about our Constitution, under which we are to live and grow. `Constitutional Consciousness` is one element that citizen of the advanced nations of the world possess.

Book Content of Indian Constitution
Unit - 1 : Indian Constitution : Its Philosophy and Framing
  • The Constituent Assembly
  • Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties
  • Directives Principles of State Policy
  • Amendment and Review of the Constitution

    Unit - 2 : The Union and State Legislature

  • The Union Parliament
  • The State Legislature
  • Law-Making Process
  • Centre-State Legislative Relations

    Unit - 3 : The Union and State Executive

  • The President of India
  • The Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
  • The State Governor, Chief Minister and Council of Ministers
  • Coalition Government

    Unit - 4 : The Judiciary

  • The Supreme Court of India
  • Judicial Review
  • Writs
  • Judicial Activism and Public Interest Litigation

    Unit - 5 : Issues

  • Indian Federalism
  • Human Rights and Environmental Protection
  • Reservations and Social Justice
  • Secularism

About The Author

D. Srinivasan -

Formerly, Head of Department,

Political Science Christ College, Bangalore.

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