Investment And Securities Markets In India

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

The Indian Economy and Financial markets are in a State of disarray and are undergoing various transional changes, during 2008 to 2010. The Economy is under recession and the growth rates slowed down particularly due to drought condition in Agriculture and Global Recession. The growth of industry and in infrastructure in particular has been sluggish. The process of disinvestment and privatization met with resistance and slowed down. In consequence, the investment climate and the state of capital market and money market were in a state of uncertainty. The union Budget for 2010-1 therefore aimed at improving the investment climate by rationalization of tax structure, reduction of administrative red tape and provision of incentives to investment.

The tenor of monetary policy is to further lighter the interest rate structure but encourage greater inflow of FDI into banking and insurance and services industries. Although was made to reduce the liquidity in the banking system.


Book Content of Investment And Securities Markets In India
1. Securities and Securities Markets
2. Legal Basis of Markets
3. Investment Avenues
4. Tax Planning for Investment
5. Investor Protection
6. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
7. Institutional Structures in Capital Market
8. Growth Process-Savings and Investment
9. Financial Systems in India
10. Capital Market Reforms
11. Capital Issues
12. Government Regulation of Industries
13. Government Policies and Industrial Deregulation
14. New Issues Market
15. Merchant Banking
16. Venture Capital Funds
17. Lease Financing
18. Hire Purchase and Leasing-Problems
19. Securities Trading Regulations
20. Instruments of Issue and Trading
21. Stock Markets in India
23. Listing on The Stock Exchange
24. Stock Market Operations and Functions
25. Trading in The Stock Market
26. Government Securities Market
27. Security Market Indicators
28. Interest Rates-Theory and Structure
29. Security Market Analysis
30. Investment Analysis and Theory
31. Security Pricing
32. Fundamental Analysis
33. Corporate Finance and Industry Studies
34. Balance Sheet Analysis and Blue Chips
35. Technical Analysis of The Market
36. Portfolio Management Construction, Revision and Evaluation
37. Mutual Funds and Their Schemes
38. Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Investments
39. Selected Market Abroad
40. Listing in Selected Countries Abroad
41. Securities Market Report (BSE)

About The Author

Dr. V.A. Avadhani, is a retired Adviser in the Reserve Bank of India and a past Director of Research and Training in the Bombay Stock Exchange. He was also a former Adviser in the Hyderabad Stock Exchange.

Dr. Avadhani was Gold medalist from Presidency College, Madras and had a brilliant academic record. He has done in his M.A. in Economics from Madras University and another M.A. from Bombay University by thesis in International Economics. He also holds a Law degree, LL.B. from the Osmania University. He took his Ph.D. degree covering both economics and finance in his comprehensives, from the University of Nebraska, USA. He also holds a certificate in the CAPITAL MARKET STUDIES from the NEW YORK INSTITUTE OF FINANCE, NEW YORK, USA. He is a certificated associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers - a professional qualification for practical bankers (CAIIB).

Dr. Avadhani has vast teaching and research experience at home and abroad. He taught "Money and Central Banking" at the RBIs Bankers Training College, Mumbai. He was visiting Professor at Bajaj Institute of Management, Bombay, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata and a number of Management Institutes all over India. He taught at the University of Nebraska on Money Management and at the 10th SEANZA, Central Banking course as a Director faculty at Bangkok, Thailand. He studied the working of the Central Banks in Singapore, Australia, and Thailand, and the stock exchanges in New York, London, Singapore, etc.

Dr. Avadhani is a prolific writer. He has authored about twenty books and published about thirty research papers in various journals and financial papers. He developed training modules for brokers and investors and many Russian brokers and international delegates were trained by him including many mutual funds staff. He is considered an expert in the areas of Finance - Capital Markets, Money and International Economics.

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