Computer Technology and Programming

ISBN Number : 81-7866-951-X

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2004

No. Of Pages : 272

Book Weight :356

About The Book

This book attempt to provide everything that a typical user needs to know to work on computers. This is written in such a manner that you are able to understand the basic concepts in a relatively short time.

This book is designed for user in undergraduate, graduate or introductory MBA Courses in Computer Technology, Information Technology, Information Systems etc. The major areas covered are information Technology basics, Data representation, Functional units of computers, Inputs devices, Output devices, Storage device, CPU, Programming, Communication, Office automation, Word processor, Spread sheet, Database, Accounting package, e-commerce etc.

Salient Features

  • Reader friendly format.
  • Easy to read.
  • Latest technology development.
  • Simple illustrations.
  • Application oriented.

Contents :

1. Information Technology and computers
2. Data Representation
3. Data Processing
4. Functional Units of a Computer
5. Input Devices
6. Output Devices
7. Main Memory
8. Secondary Storage Device
9. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
10. Programming
11. System Programming
12. Communications
13. Office Automation
14. Word Processors [MS WORD]
15. Spread Sheets [MS EXCEL]
16. Presentation Package [MS POWERPOINT]
17. Accounting Packages
18. Database
19. Electronic Messaging
20. Information Gathering
21. E-commerce
22. Building An Automated Office System

About The Author

Sajan Mathew is s trainer, teacher and consultant in the field of Information System. He holds B.Tech and M.B.A degree and is currently pursing Ph.D program in the area of Management Information System.

Prior to joining Mount Carmel Institute of Management, he was working with Apollo Tyres Ltd., Chalakudy, Kerala and Simplex Solutions, Bangalore, during whcih he was associated with many national and international projects.

He has authored three in the areas of System Analysis and Design, Database Management System and Software Engineering. His current area of academic interest are Management Information System, e-learning, e-commerce, m-commerce, ERP, CRM etc.

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