Computer Concepts and C Programming

ISBN Number : 81-7493-981-4

Student Price : Rs.225

Student Dollar Price : 9$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2000

No. Of Pages : 543

About The Book

This book is meant to be used as a text book for Computer Science students of the under graduate and graduates. It, also serve as a reference book for other students. Without any background knowledge on computer programming, the book presents a style that enable the student to go straitht to workout on the computer. Programming techniques and languages are discussed in detail to make the students feel confident and competent to work on the computer. This book lucidely explains the basics of computer terminology and basic features and syntax of the ANSIC language. All topics are presented in clear logical and reasoned manner that is easy to follow. This book covers theory and provides comprehensive drill in problem solving.

Book Content of Computer Concepts and C Programming
  1. Introduction to Digital Computer
  2. Hardware
  3. Computer Software
  4. Computer Environments
  5. Overview of C Programming
  6. Constants, Variables, and Data Types
  7. Operators and Expressions
  8. Input and Output Operations
  9. Decision Making, Branching and Looping
  10. Arrays
  11. Character Strings
  12. Functions
  13. Structure and Unions
  14. Pointers

About The Author

Dr.S.Ravishankar is a well known HRD and Behavioural Training Specialist, with more than two decades of experience in academic institutions and industry. He has many publications to his credit and is a member of professional bodies like ISTD, ISTE, IIPA, etc. He has conducted a large number of management training programmes.

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