Entrepreneurship Growth and Economic Integration - A Linkage

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Year of Publication : 2009

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About The Book

The economic integration of India with the rest of the world is a reality that can neither be stopped nor reversed. This is evidenced by the level of foreign exchange reserves at 35% of GDP (March 2008), the volume of international business (exports at more than 10% of GDP and imports around 14%), the volume of capital inflows and the extent of movements in the financial market rates. This phenomenon has given rise to several challenges as well as opportunities. For instance, maintaining competitive edge in the global market through innovations and creativity is one such challenge, the availability and absorption of the latest technology, new skill and exposure to the greater world of business, the possibilities of tapping the global market and investable funds are some of the opportunities.

The present publication entitles "Entrepreneurship, Growth and Economic Integration − A Linkage", incorporates technical papers and proceedings of national seminars and workshops conducted by Lala Lajpat Rai Institute of Management during the academic year 2007-08.

Contents :


    1. Background and Proceedings of the Seminar on “Women Entrepreneurship”
    2. Women Entrepreneurship – Keynote Address
    3. Experts `Observations
    4. Entrepreneurship, Sustained Growth and Economic Integration – A Possible Trinity
    5. Indian Women in the Entrepreneurial World – Myth and Reality
    6. Women Entrepreneurship in India : Problems and Prospects
    7. Women Entrepreneurs in the Small Scale Informal Sector – A Reflection on their Managerial Styles
    8. Female Entrepreneurs : They are not Different from their Male Counterparts
    9. Women should Start Working at Micro level
    10. Women Entrepreneurship in India
    11. Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs
    12. Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Rural India – Critical issues
    13. Microenterprises by Women : A Case of SHGs in Andhra Pradesh
    14. Economics of Micro Enterprises : A Case of Cashew Processing Units
    15. Developing Culture of Entrepreneurship among Women – Opportunities and Challenges
    16. Evolving Innovation Strategies – Issues Specific to Women Entrepreneurs
    17. Developing a Culture of Entrepreneurship among Women – Opportunities and Challenges
    18. Abstracts on Women Entrepreneurship


    1. National Seminar on Advertising
    2. Advertising and Belief Structure of Consumer Reaction Towards Advertising : A Case Study on Detergents
    3. Advertising – A Powerful Tool
    4. The power of Public Relations
    5. India: The Emerging Trends
    6. Small is Beautiful


  1. Derivative Products and Trading Strategies
  2. Initial Public Offer
  3. Indian Capital Markets
  4. Sub-prime and Global Financial Crisis

About The Author

Dr. V.B. Angadi is an embodiment of sound knowledge and rich experience in the field of teaching, research and administration of an educational institution. His service in the Reserve bank of India in different capacities for more than two and a half decades sharpened his research skills. There are more than 40 well researched articles to his credit published in leading financial journals in India.

Dr. H.S. Cheema has total work experience of 28 years in Industry. Academic (sales, marketing. channel management. product development, licensing, merchandising and exports). He has also handled exports to the countries like Nepal. Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He has a major exposure of handling sales at National level. He has presented papers at National and International Conference, and has received honours in research paper contest. His paper has been selected at the International Level, and had presented papers at APMC Asia-Pacific Marketing Conference in Malaysia, and at MAG Scholar Conference at Wellington. New Zealand.   

He is also invited as a Chairperson in IBS Hyderabad. IBS Powai. IMI Indore. and other B-schools, to the Chair the session. He has to his credit of taking first movers advantage in analysing the case study on "Chak De India" as management training tool. He has conducted workshop based on Chak De for 24 B-schools in Indore with wider media coverage, where media has addressed him as a Management Guru. He has conceptualised innovative big events in academic, i.e., "Chakravyuh", "GNIMS da Lashkara" and "Aashayein". He is the Author of the book "Rural Marketing Opportunities and Challenges" and Co-editor of four books: (1) "Glimpses of Emerging Trends in Trade and Development", (2) "Entrepreneurship, Growth and Economic Integration − A Linkage" (3) "Library: A Temple of Learning and Knowledge House", and (4) "Women Empowerment in the 2 Century".   

Dr. H.S. Cheema is also Founder Editor-in-chief of "Atmajvot" and Gyan Samhita Journal of Research. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of various National and International Journals like: (1) "IMI Disha", (2) "International Journal of Management Prudence", (3) "Management Prudence", (4) "Editorial Review Board of Asian Journal of Business Research", (MAG Scholar, New Zealand)", and (5)"Kaleidoscopic Perspectives of Research in the Globalized Era".   

He is also Lifemember of Higher Education Forum, Lifemember of ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development), Member of Commerce Teachers Association of SNDT Women`s University, Mumbai, Lifemember of Maharashtra State Commerce Association, Recognised as a PG Teacher of the Mumbai University for MMS degree.   

Dr. H.S. Chcema is a CEO and Dean with Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (IFEEL).

Dr. M.R. Das had formerly worked with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). He has worked in these Institutes in different capacities, and gained experience in rural banking. He has been awarded with the Ph.D. Degree for his research thesis on “Rural development” from the University of Mumbai.

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