Financial Inclusion

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About The Book

The importance of an inclusive financial system is widely recognized in the policy circle in recent years and financial inclusion is seen as a policy priority in many countries. This book contains the seminar papers presented a seminar on "Financial Inclusion − Aspects, issues and the Way Forward" organized by the Department of Business Management, Osmania University. The book will be useful to planners, policy makers, practitioners, academicians and researchers not only because of its topical relevance but also because of the scanty literature available in the topic.

Financial Inclusion is about ensuring that everyone has access to appropriate financial services enabling them to manage their money on a day to day basis effectively, securely and confidently, plan for the future and cope with financial pressure by managing their finances to protect against short term variation in income and expenditure and take advantage of longer term variation in income and expenditure and take advantage of longer term opportunities and deal effectively with financial distress as finance has been recognized as a factor for growth and development. As banking services are in nature of public good it is essential that availability of banking and payment services to the entire population with out discrimination and is the prime objective of the public policy.


Book Content of Financial Inclusion
1. "Financial Inclusion - Aspects, Issues and the Way Forward" - Dr. V. Sudha
2. Financial Inclusion, Present Scenario and Rapid Penetration - Prof. K. Kalidas
3. An Overview on Financial Inclusion - T.V. Ravi Kumar
4. Financial Inclusion Aspect, Issues, and the Way Forward - A Report - E. Vinay & S. Samrat
5. Designing Complete Financial Inclusion - A. Ravi Prakash, S. Vijay Kumar, T. Shiva Kumar
6. Financial Inclusion in India - G. Paravathi & C. Lalitha
7. Assessment of Rural Financial inclusion in India - Mrs. Syed Tabassum Sultana
8. Financial Inclusion in India - Policty Perspective - Dr. S. Saraswathi
9. To exclude is easy, but to include is tough - An attempt to develop a model for financial inclusion for emerging economies - Shubhro Michael Gomes & M. Rameshwar Rao
10. Financial Inclusion - A Cost Perspective - Prof. S. Kasturi Rangan
11. A Path towards India's Future Economic Growth - Dr. S. Anitha Devi & S. Durga
12. "Financial Inclusion - Its Challenges and Policy Initiative by Government of India and Reserve Bank of India" - Mohammed Younus
13. Outreach of SHG-Bank Linkage in India - A District-Level Analysis - Bibek Ray Chaudhuri
14. Financial Inclusion: Role of Microfinance - Dr. V. Vijay Durga Prasad & R. Satyanarayana
15. Financial Inclusion through Microfinance - Veenapani
16. Micro-Finance Institutions and Credit Accessibility to the Poor in Karnataka - Dr. Smitha Sambrani & Dr. Y. Jahangir
17. Role of Self Help Groups in Micro Finance - R. Radhika & Sushma R.
18. Financial Inclusion and Self Help Groups - Vandana S., Vani H. & N. Hemalatha
19. Financial Inclusion & Micro Financing for the Economic Development - B. Mohan Kumar & Y. Vinodhini
20. Financial Inclusion through Entrepreneurial Aspects - A Study of Select Villages in Khammam District - Dr. Jasti Ravi Kumar & Ms. D. Sujata
21. Developmental Assistance : A Pathway to Financial Inclusion - M. Madhavi & S. Pratibha
22. Financial Inclusion in India : Role of Banking System - Surendar Gade & Swapna D.
23. Financial Inclusion - The Role of Banks in India - Tatikonda Neelakantam, Vangaveeti Yugandhar, Soma Srinivas
24. Financial Inclusion : Role of Banks in India - Harsha Reddy
25. Rural Banking : A Development Tool for SSIs - Punit Kumar Dwivedi & Mehunkar Sanjay G.
26. Financial Inclusion and Outreach by RRBs in India - A Study - Mrs. K. Aparna & Dr. Rambabu Gopiseti
27. Assessment of Rural Financial Inclusion in India - Mrs. Syed Tabassum Sultana
28. Business Models for Financial Inclusion - T. Rekha Lakshmi
29. Conundrum of Global Financial Exclusion and need for ameliorating the Lot of Have NOTs - Dr. Megharaj, Prof. Prabhakar, Mr. C.Y.S. Krishna
30. Strategies for Building & Enhancing Capacities in Social Engineering : An Exploratory Framework for Deeper and Wider Financial Inclusion - Prof. A. Suryanarayana
31. Social Inclusion - A Prerequisite for Financial Inclusion - Bharat Bhushan Singh
32. Smart Card Technology & Financial Inclusion - Nagaraj Peddapalli & Prof. R. Nageswar Rao
33. Marketing of Financial Services in Rural Marketing - Role of Information Technology - Dr. R. Sampath Kumar
34. Role of Smart Cards in Financial Inclusion - Dr. Peddada Kameswari
35. Smart Living through Smart Cards - Mateen Ahmed Siddiqui, A.
36. Technology in Financial Inclusions - The Magic Mantra for Development - Rakesh J.
37. Financial Inclusion - The Role of IT in India - Tatikonda Neelakantam & Harinadh G.
38. SMART CARD - A Technological Approach to Financial Inclusion - Syeda Sara Azhar
39. Smart Card Technology - Is A Roadmap for Emerging Business and Interoperability - A.S. Kalyana Kumar
40. Technology of Smart Cards - The Engine for the Financial Inclusion - T.N. Nirmala Rani & Ms. Saritha
41. Smart Cards : Improve Trust and Reduce Costs - J. Suresh Reddy & Surayya Jabeen
42. Role of Technology in Addressing the Issues of Reducing Delivery Costs and Borrowing Costs - Dr. P. Sridhar & G. Arun Kumar
43. Empowerment as a Leadership Paradigm for Inclusive Development - A Concept Paper - Prof. a. Suryanarayana
44. Impact of Employee Engagement on Financial Inclusion - P.R.P. Rekha
45. The Role of HR in Financial Inclusion in India - Venkoba Rao
46. Inclusive Growth : The Role of Financial Education - B. Raghavendra & Dr. S.K. Ajmal Hussain
47. Strategies to Market Financial Products in Rural Areas - Dr. P. Ammani & Dr. P. Radhika
48. Housing as an Agent for Financial Inclusion - Mrs. N. Sravanthi
49. Indian Agricultural Farmers - From Debt to Death What is the need of the hour? - Mrs. K. Vijaya Lakshmi & Dr. S. Chandramouli
50. Falling Angels of Harvest - S. Anna Christina & Akshat Satyajit
51. Financial Inclusion - The Way Ahead - Mrs. Sawati Mathur & Mrs. Jayashree Patil-Dake
52. Financial Inclusion : Reach of Banking in India - Dr. V. Dheenadhayalan
53. A Special Focus on Role & Trends in the Growth of Services being offered by Banks / Others - Smt. U. Padmavathi

About The Author

Dr. V. Sudha holds a Post Graduate degree in Business Management and has earned a Ph. D. from Osmania University in the area of Finance. She has two years of industry experience and 14 years of teaching experience mostly in the area of Finance. She has been awarded "Career Award" by AICTE in 2004-05 to do research on the topic of "Credit Rating Analysis". She has been involved in various corporate training programs as resource person. She is a research supervisor and has five research scholars working under her supervision. Her research interests include Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Financial Inclusion.

Presently she is working as Asst. Professor in the Dept. of Business Management, Osmania University.

Prof. K. Kalidas has teaching experience of nearly twenty five years at the P. G. level of University Business Management Colleges handling the courses of Business Economics, Marketing Management and International Business. He acted as a resource person for many Executive Development programmes and faculty development programmes. Besides actively engaging in research works, published many research papers and attended various national seminars.

Presently he is working as Professor in the Dept. of Business Management, Osmania University.

Dr. R. Sampath Kumar is a PhD in Business Management and has cleared the National Eligibility Test for Lectureship. He holds other degrees like an MBA, MA, a Post graduate diploma in public relations and a Post graduate diploma in computer applications. He has 3 years of industry experience combined with 14 years of academic and administrative experience. His areas of specialization include Marketing and Information Technology. He has been the regional coordinator of ICET and has 23 publications to his credit. He is a registered PhD supervisor and has 8 scholars working under him.

Presently he is Vice Principal, University College of Commerce and Business Management and Vice Principal - Hostels.

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