Challenges and Prospects of the Human Rights in 21st Century

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About The Book

Human rights are of universal interest because it is the inherent nature of all human beings to yearn for freedom, equality and dignity and they have a right to achieve them.

In 21st century, we find that the world is becoming one global village. We are being drawn together by the remarkable advances made in science and technology which enable us to share the information instantly. As a result, the socio-economic scenario of our country is changing drastically. Moreover, the grave and common problems of overpopulation, dwindling natural resources and the environmental crisis threaten the very foundation of our existence on this planet. Human rights, environmental protection, social and economic equality are all inter-related. In all these issues, a sense of universal responsibility assumes the significance for promotion of human rights. Human rights is not only an unfinished agenda, it is an evolving one. Right from the war on terrorism to climate change, urbanisation to financial and food crises, human rights are facing new challenges.

In an ever increasingly complex and globalised environment, the demand for the protection and promotion of basic human rights and fundamental freedom is continuously increasing. It is essentially in view of this rise, the book has been written on the theme "Challenges and Prospects of Human Rights in 21 st Century". This book will explore the challenges prospects of Human Rights with reference to: (i) Rights of Vulnerable Sections, (ii) Consumer Rights in India. (iii) Terrorism / People`s Movements and Human Rights, (iv) Executives` Expansion and Human Rights and (v) Human Rights and Law.

Contents :

1. Inhumanity is to Curse to Modern Civilization
- Prin. S. B. Pandit
2. Consumer Rights in India
- Dr. Mrs. Suhasini V Sant
3. A Study of Feministic Perspective of Human Rights in India
- Dr. Nitin B. Acharya and Mrs. Lipika Chandra
4. Human Rights and the Position of Dalit in India
- Uma Shankar Padhan
5. Development-induced Displacements and Human Rights
- Nandini Agrawal
6. Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education in India
- Ms. Megha R. Yadav
7. Social Security for Unorganised Sector Workers in India a Struggle for Human Rights
- Sushila Yadav 8. Globalization and Gender Discrimination with Special Reference to Women Rights in Developing Countries
- Dr. Tabassum Sheikh
9. Human Right Theory of Karma Rights Correspond to Duties
- Dr. (Mrs). Aneela. A. Gadre
10. The Human Rights Scenario in India
- Mrs. Ajeeta Bhatia
11. Consumer`s Rights in India with Reference to Mumbai Grahak Panchayat
- Mrs. Archana Mainkar
12. Need for Recognition of Consumer Rights as Human Right

- Prof. (Mrs.) Janvi P Bhatia

13. Executive Expansion and Human Rights-A Case Study of Police Administration in India
- P.K. Mishra
14. Evaluation of Human Rights and Dalit Atrocities in Odisha
- Dr. Suresh Chandra Patel
15. Consumer Rights in India
- Prof Mahendra L. Pachadkar
16. Consumer Rights, Consumerism and Consumer Protection
- Dr R.P. Deshpande
17. Freedom of Information: A Human Right Perspective
- Sachin P. Pawar
18. Human Rights Euthanasia Mercy Killing
- Dr. Nishikant Jha, Ms. A. Aditi Koli and Ms. Mamta Poojari
19. Sexual Minority: Inclusion in Vulnerable Groups
- Monika Rajendra Sawant and Jasmine Gulshan Rai
20. Challenges and Prospects of Human Rights in the 21" Century

- Nina N. Shah.
21. Human Rights and Activism in India
- Dr. Jayashree Mehta
22. Human Rights and Law
- Cynthia Gomes
23. Challenges to Human Rights: An Insight in to Human Trafficking
- Mr. Amit K. Prajapati
24. Consumer Rights and Responsibilities in India
- Chandrakant T Patil
25. Human Rights in India
- Dr. Navnita Megnani and Prof. Shweta Pandey
26. Crime Against Women and Their Rights
- Dr. Navnita Megnani and Mr. S.H. Atrawalkar
27. Rights of Vulnerable Section: Women, Children and Elderly
- Prof. Nikhil Venilal Kothari

About The Author

Mr. P.K. Mishra

Mrs. Ajeeta Bhatia

Dr. A.A. Gadre

Dr. Mrs. Suhasini V. Sant -

Chief Editor

Dr. N.B. Acharya

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