Challenges and Opportunities for Women in the Dynamic Society

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About The Book

It gives us an immense to present a book to explore and analysis various contributions done by women in diverse fields such as policies, education, media, corporate and as social activists for the progress of the society. To quote Swami Vivekananda, "The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women". Today, one can visualize women are excelling in social, economic and political aspects which are pillars of any society. The aim of this book is to highlight the role of women in diversified fields, who are the real architect of modern society.


Contents :

Sub-theme 1: Women as Academicians and Silchar Town

1. Challenges of Married Women Academiciand in Silchar Town - Dr. (Mrs.) Aditi Nath & Mr. Abhimanyu Dutta
2. Women Empowerment through Knowledge - CA (Mrs.) Harshada M. Bhise
3. Role of Women as an Academician - Mrs. Lalla Aanchal & Mrs. Pai Chandrakala
4. Her Role in the Administration of India - Ms. Arifa Zahra
5. Women in police: Employment Status and Challenges - Asst. Prof. Ranjana J. Mhalgi
6. Women as Administrators - CA Savita Desai & Prof. Manjiree Gondhalekar
7. Drawing Inspiration for WDCs from the Multi-faceted Kiran Bedi - Prof. Sushila Vijaykumar
8. Shakuntala Devi – The Human Computer - Asst. Prof. Sreekala M. Nair

Sub-theme 2: Women as Corporate Czars and as Lawyers

1. Women as Members of Board of Directors – An Appraisal of Governance of Companies - Prof. (Mrs.) Anuradha Ganesh
2. Women in Dynamic Business World in India: A Case Study Analysis - Ms. Himani Chhabra & Mr. Sucheer Jain
3. Veena Patil: The Queen of Indian Tourism Industry - Asst. Prof. Mahesh G. Kandalkar
4. Shahnaz Husain: Women of the Decade - Ass. Prof. Salochna Nagdev
5. Challenges and Opportunities for women Enterpreneurship in India - Asst. Prof. Snehalata Sanjay Snkpal
6. A study on Challenges Faced by Women Enterpreneur - Dr. Sumathi Gopal
7. In War with Hrself and the Society: The Paradoxes of Being a Female Lawyer - Ms. Astha Anup Chaturvedi
8. Women as Lawyers - Ms. Aniketa Prasad, Ms. Urvashi Bansal & Ms. Akanksha Kapur
9. Journey of the Female Legal Practitioners in India: The Struggle Women as a Lawyer - Ms. Geetanjali Sharma
10. Role and Problem of Women Lawyers: A Study - Prof. Preeti Kantilal Soni

Sub-theme 3: Women in Media, Politics and as Social Activists

1. Celebrity Women's Right to Privacy and Celebrity News: A Legal Analysis - Prof. Laxmikant Dwivedi
2. The “Bharatiya Naari” in Television Commercials since 1991: Has the Paradigm Shifted? - Ms. Shabnom Surita
3. Indecent Representation of Women in Indian Media Industry: Analysis of Challenges faced by women in the Dynamic Society - Mr. Bharat Rajavanshi
4. Indian Women Writers - Asst. Prof. Angel Wilson
5. Women Representation in Politics – Step towards "Gender Parity" - Ms. Dhanashree Telhure
6. Women in Politics: Case Study of Indira Gandhi Asst. Prof. Hasitkumar H. Nagariya
7. Gender Bias in Indian Politics - Mahak Rathee
8. Women in Politics: An Indian Politics - Ms. Neetika Singh
9. Women's Participation in India Politics - Prof. Suryakant Laxmanrao Shelke
10. Women in Politics in India - Asst. Prof. Kalaivani Mudaliar
11. The Womb of a Woman’s Mind - Mr. Akshat Bhalla, Mr. Shalini Singh, Ms. Chavvi Jain & Mr. Vibhas Garg
12. A Study of Women Workforce in India - Prof. Archana Nair
13. Defying Gender Taboos through Sports – A Case Study of the Phogat Sisters - Prof. Archana Sanjay Singh
14. Study on Job Satisfaction Level of Nurses of Private Hospitals with Reference to Ulhasnagar City - Asst. Prof. Bobita Nagdev
15. Women Empowerment through Self Help Group - Mrs. Bharathi V. Rao
16. Women in Social Services: Taking the Lead - Ms. Bhumika Maheshwari & Ridhima Purohit
17. Socio-economic Conditions of Tribal Women in Uttarakhand – Case Study - Dr. Haider-e-Karrar
18. Savitri Jotirao Phule (1831-1873) – A Thinker, Dreamer, Writer, teacher and Social Activist! - Prof. Lalitha Dhara
19. Challenges and Opportunities for Women as a Social Activist - Asst. Prof. Nandini Nilesh Kadam & Asst. Prof. Sandhya Pramod Pandey
20. Women as Social Activists: Women of the Hour - Ms. Priyanka Kushwah & Mr. Angad Ahuja
21. Empowering Women in Agriculture - Dr. Dinkar D. Pawar & Asst. Prof. Sandeep Shravan Sawalkar
22. Women as Social Activists - Prof. Susila Venukrishanan
23. Understanding the role and Contributions of Women Social Reformers and Women Social Activists in India - Ms. Purvi Vora

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Ms. Salochna Nagdev -

Assistant Professor

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