Indian Ethos and Values for Managers

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Book Edition : Third

Year of Publication : 2019

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About The Book

"Indian Ethos and Values for Managers" prescribed by the U.G.C in its Model Curriculum for Master of Business Administrator (MBA) programme. The book is based on the famous Sanskrit epic "MAHABHARATA" authored by the Sage Sri Krishna Dvepayan Ved Vyas about 5080 years ago.

The book contains text as well as cases derived from Mahabharata. It proves to the hilt that Indians possessed advanced knowledge of Management and it is in no way inferior to modem management theories contributed by Western Management Experts. We can find solutions to contemporary managerial problems from this treasure of ancient managerial wisdom. Returning to roots will definitely help us in developing an emotionally stable manager with deep grounding of Indian Ethics and Values.


Contents :

1. Model of Management in Indian Socio-Political Environment
a) Indian Social Environment
b) Indian Political Environment
2. Indian Work Ethos
3. Indian Heritage in Production and Consumption
4. Indian Insight into Total Quality of Mind (TQM)
5. Stress Management – Causes and Remedies-Indian Approach
6. Management – Indian Perspective on Functions of Management
a) Planning
b) Organizing
c) Leadership
d) Control
e) Communication
f) Decision making-Holistic Approach
7. Management Indian Perspective on General and Functional Management
a) Organization Behaviour
b) Personnel Management
c) Self-Management
d) Time Management
8. Teaching Ethics
9. Values for Managers
a) Human Values
b) Professional Values
10. Personal growth and lessons from Ancient Indian Education System
1. Diplomacy
2. On Downfall of king Yayati from Heaven
3. Diplomacy
4. Use of Coded Communication
5. Aptitude Test
6. Conceptual Dialogue
7. Lack of Clarity about Role and Goal
8. Absence of King
9. Strategic Management
10. Time Management
11. Strategic Management
12. Business ethics
13. Organization
14. Ethical King Prahlad
15. Kalakvraksha Muni
16. Understanding Human Behaviour

About The Author

Dr. N. M. Khandelwal (b. 02.10.1943) M.Com (Gold Medalist), Ph.D., CBA (Canada), FIIA has four decades of rich experience of post graduate teaching and research of which 34 years as University Professor, Dean / Head / Director in the fields of Commerce and Management. He has produced 21 Ph.D. of which 6 have reached highest position of Professor / Dean / Director at leading Universities. He has published 50 papers and 10 books to his credit. He has made significant research contributions in the field of Accounting and Indian Ethos and Values for Managers. His publications in Indian Management field are :

• Indian Ethos and Values for Managers (Text and Cases from Mahabharata)
• Concepts of Management from Mahabharata
• Indian Ethos and Values for Managers (from Kautilya)
• Managerial Lessons from Ramcharitmanas
• Sri Bhagvadgita for Managers.

He is currently working as Adjunct Professor of Management at Department of Business Management, Saurashtra University, Rajkot and Advisor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi University, Bhopal.  

He is founder and chairman of Khandelwal Management and Financial Consultancy, Rajkot which provides research, corporate training and consultancy services. He can be reached at e-mail [email protected] Cell : 090990 27164.

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