Organisational Behaviour

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

In the era of globalization, every activity in the work place is fast changing. Change management concept is fully recognized. After Industrial Revolution and Commercial Revolution, a third revolution is taking place in business work places. Technology driven practices are adopted in a very big way. Emotional intelligence (EI) of employees is occupying the knowledge (K) and skill (S) place. The change is from "K to S to EI" K and S are not ignored. They are taken on a priority basis i.e. from EI to S to K. This is what business house are looking for in their work places. New management concepts such as self-leadership, virtual terms, Networks etc. have occupied the prominent places in today's corporate management. Organisation. Organizational Behavior is a discipline which focuses on all these issues.

In this title, an attempt is made to give an outline of Organizational Behavior (OB) for the ones who wish to study the various concepts of this subject. OB, in today's scenario, tries to blend the Issues like globalization, business ethics, information technology, knowledge management relationship management, quality improvement in work pleas, changes in communication process etc. As all these tools or techniques are adapted to change the work places, how human factor reacts to these tools are brought in the discipline of OB.


Contents :

1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Perception
3. Motivation
4. Attitudes
5. Learning and Behavior Modification
6. Personality
7. Group Dynamics
8. Leadrship
9. Organisational Change
Skill Development
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About The Author

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah is an erudite scholar and a prolific writer. He has promoted educational institutions and has a teaching experience of over 50 years, serving in the capacity of professor, principal and the director of postgraduate center. He has widely travelled abroad and has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. He has authored over 90 titles on Commerce and Management subjects, catering to the needs of graduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce and Management. He is a member of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka and has served as Chairman of Business Education Committee, besides being the member of International Trade Committee, IT Committee and Tourism Committee. He has founded Federation of Teachers` Councils of Commerce and Management in Karnataka to revamp business education. As a Founder President, he has contributed to give a new turn to business education in Karnataka. At the instance of the Federation, Government of Karnataka appointed a high-powered committee to restructure business education in Karnataka for which he was appointed as a member. He has won many laurels for his contribution to business education.

Dr. P.N. Reddy -

Ph.D. Director,

K.K.E.C.S. Institute of Management, Bangalore,

Former Dean & Chairman, Department of P.G. Studies in Commerce and Management,

Bangalore university.

Mrs. B. Rose Kavitha - 

MBA, M.Sc.(Psy.), (Ph.D.),

HR Training Consultant,

Faculty - HR,

RJS Institute of Management Studies,

Koramangala, Bangalore - 34.

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