Consumer Behaviour

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Year of Publication : 2010

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About The Book

This is a comprehensive book on consumer behaviour from applied orientation in Indian context. This book not only covers the theories and concept of consumer behaviour but also have application of these in the form of Indian market insights and advertisements that students would be able to relate with their real life. These applied orientations are based on an extensive search of Indian business magazines and newspapers. This book highlights modified theories proposed by consumer behaviorist to suit our market conditions. This book holistically explains the consumer behaviour concepts with Indian case studies.


Contents :

Part I—Understanding Consumer Behaviour
1. Introduction to the Consumer Behaviour I
2. Modeling and Consumer Research
Part II—Internal Determinant of Consumer Behaviour
3. Motivation
4. Personality
5. Consumer Perception
6. Learning
7. Attitude Formation and Change
Part III—External Determinant of Consumer Behaviour
8. Indian Culture and Subculture
9. Reference Group
10. Indian Family and Social Class
Part IV—Analyzing and Managing Consumer Behaviour
11. Diffusion of Innovation
12. Consumer Decision-Making Process
13. Market Segmentation
14. Business Buying Behavior
Part V—Contemporary Topics in Consumer Behaviour
15. Customer Relationship Marketing and Experiential Marketing
16. Consumer Protection Act
17. Consumer Trends in India
Part VI—Case Studies In Consumer Behaviour
Study - 1 The Amul saga
Study - 2 Beauty Soap of Stars: Lux
Study - 3 Mangal Sweets
Study - 4 Nirma
Studv - 5 Pizza Hut

About The Author

Dr. Rajeev Kumra is a faculty member in the area of Marketing at Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He has cumulative sixteen years of Industry and teaching experience. He has served three companies in healthcare sector viz., Wockhardt Limited, Becton Dickinson India Limited, and Core Healthcare Limited. He has eight years of corporate experience in the area of sales, distribution, and brand management. He is in academics for the last eight years. He has acquired his doctorate in the area of CRM in banking sector from Indraprastha University, Delhi. He has numerous research publications to his credit in various referred journals and has presented several papers in National and International Conferences. He has provided consultancy Straining program to companies such as, PEC Limited on customer satisfaction index, Ozone Auyrvedics on retail audit, Seagate Singapore Pte. on alternative distribution model, Syndicate Bank on CRM in banks among others. He is a member of various Institutional and professional bodies. His areas of interest include Sales and Distribution Management, Services Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, and Customer Relationship Management.

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