Retail Management (Bangalore Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

The Indian retail market has been evolving and is trying to much the pace of the organized retailers since the past many years. The uniqueness retail market in India is its structure in terms of the co-existence of the unorganized retail outlets along with the has caught the attention of many retail market potential is huge and growing. It has caught the attention of many retailers from across the world who are interested in being a part of the retail growth story here. However, the challenge before them is on how to cater to the customers’ needs through an understanding of the most suitable retail format choice. This become all the more necessary since each retailer is trying to outdo competitors by wooing customers through suitable retail product/service, promotional offers, price offers etc. in short creating the right ambience for selling.

This text book on ‘Retail management’ is as per the Bangalore university syllabus and covers the various facets of the field of retailing. The contents of this text book are covered under five units. The Unit 1 given an ‘Introduction to the Retail Business, unit 2 discusses about the ‘Consumer Behavior in Retail’, Unit 3 examines all the ‘Retail operation’, Unit 4 is oriented around ‘Retail Marketing Mix’ and finally Unit 5 discusses about ‘Impact of information Technology in Retailing’. Each unit ends with a ‘Summary, Chapter Questions for Discussion and Activity’.


Contents :

1. Introduction to Retail Business
2. Consumer Behaviour in Retail Business
3. Retail Operations
4. Retail Marketing Mix
5. Impact of Information in Retailing

About The Author

Suja R. Nair is a B.A. (Hons.) and also holds a Masters Degree (MBA) in Business Management. She is a Strategic Marketing Consultant to Educe Micro Research, Bangalore. Prior to this, she had been working as a practicing-manager (with the corporate sector) and as a Management faculty at various academic institutions in Bangalore. She has also been an author with the Himalaya Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India, since 1999 and written text books on Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, Retail Management and Organisational Behaviour.

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