Integrated Marketing Communication and Advertising

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 176

About The Book

Business all over the world uses communications extensively in all areas, and keeps its bottom line healthy by selling its products with the help of what is now known as Integrated Marketing Communication or IMC. To begin with, there was 100 per cent reliance on advertising alone but gradually the attention shifted to other components of communication such as sales promotion, publicity and PR, direct marketing, personal selling, Internet selling and so on. While using the different components for a campaign, there must be a consistency and synergy in communication. It is a welcome step this paper has been introduced of late by many universities including Mumbai. This book is an attempt to meet the needs of the students studying this subject. All the concepts have been elaborated completely and questions are appended at the end of each chapter to test your understanding and to cope with the examination. A separate chapter on Case Studies has been given at the end of the book.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication
2. Sales Promotion and Sales Promotion Techniques
3. Public Relations and Publicity
4. Direct Marketing
5. Personal Selling
6. Introduction to Advertising
7. Fundamentals of Advertising
8. Print and Broadcast Advertising
9. Advertising Agency
10. Advertising Budget
11. Advertising Research and Measuring Advertising Effectiveness
12. Social, Ethical and Economical Aspects of Advertising
13. Case Studies

About The Author

S.A. Chunawalla has degrees in commerce, pharmacy and management. He has taught the marketing related subjects to the students of the BBA programme of Sardar Patel University, Vidya Nagar. At present he is a communication consultant in Mumbai. He has guided present he is a communication consultant in Mumbai. He has guided research projects of many management students. Some of his books such as Product Management are very popular with the students all over the country.

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