Training and Development in HRM (Mumbai Univ)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 152

About The Book

"If you think training is expensive, try ignorance". Peter Drucker. This book is about training, development, knowledge management, talent management, everything to do with training and employee development.

In today's global world training and development are the driving force. With each changing global scenario, employees have to be groomed and developed. Training is what equips the employees to keep updated and relevant with new systems and processes. Development is the overall development and growth of employees which in turn helps in the development of the organization. The chapterisation of the book is as follows:

Chapter – 1: This chapter discusses in detail about, What is Training? Process of Training, Different types of training, Assessment, need analysis, training audit, Criteria, designing and implementation of training program, E-learning and other methods of training.

Chapter – 2: This chapter focuses on Human Resource Development, Overview of development concept, scope, importance and need and features, Human Performance Improvement, Counselling techniques with reference to development employees, Career development, Career development cycle, model for planned self-development, and succession planning.

Chapter – 3: This chapter covers Management Development, Process of Management development, the main programmes and methods of MDP, and importance, evaluating a MDP.

Chapter – 4: Performance Appraisal, Relationship between Performance appraisal and job analysis, Various Methods of Performance Measurement, Pitfalls and Ethics involved in performance appraisal measurement.

Chapter – 5: This chapter gives details on Overview of Talent Management, Benefits of Talent Management, Measuring Talent Management and Global Talent Management.

Chapter – 6: The relevance of Knowledge Management, Definition of Knowledge Management (KM), Overview of KM, History of KM and Global Talent Management.

This book is not limited to usual chapters with theoretical content but has cases and multiple choice questions for students to understand the practical approach to the various topics covered in this book. The multiple choice questions and cases help the students to get a practical overview also.


Contents -

1. Training and Development
2. Human Resource Development
3. Management Development
4. Performance Appraisal
5. Talent Management
6. Knowledge Management
Case Studies
Question Bank
Glossary of Common Training Term

About The Author

Dr. Swati Padoshi -

B.Com., MBA (HR), Ph.D.

Director, Dr. G.D. Pol Foundation,

YMT College of Management Institutional Area,

Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

Nadar Kalaiselvi -

B.A., M.B.A., HR

BMS Coordinator,

R.J. College, Ghatkopar (W).

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