Principles of Management (Pune Univ)

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Today management education has assumed the prime place in the educational services. Business world has realized that professionalism in business operation will prove more beneficial in achieving the economic objective of the business. Business management provides necessary tools and techniques to bring in professionalism in business operations. Managers of various business enterprises will have to know as to what is happening in their enterprise and what strategies they have to adopt to improve the quality of operations. As Peter Ducker says "that managers of organizations which are human enterer rises, have to make the strengths of people effective and their weaknesses irrelevant." In this context the managers have to know about their organization and what is relevant and what is irrelevant in their operations. Keeping these aspects in view, our attempt is made in this book to throw light on various aspects of business management. The chapters given in this title PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT act as guideposts in the road of learning basics of management.

The book is written taking into account the need of management students at the University level. Each chapter has different dimension of learning and well-structured. Besides giving graded questions at the end of each chapter. Practical exercises for skill development are also given. We hope that students will be greatly benefited by this.



1. Management - An Overview
2. Management: Process and Principle
3. Evaluation of Management Thought
4. Planning
5. Forecasting
6. Decision-Making
7. Organisation
8. Delegation of Authority
9. Staffing
10. Directing
11. Communication
12. Motivation
13. Leadership
14. Controlling
15. Techniques of Controlling
16. Co-ordination
17. Strategic Management
18. Recent Trends in Management

About The Author

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah is an erudite scholar and a prolific writer. He has promoted educational institutions and has a teaching experience of over 50 years, serving in the capacity of professor, principal and the director of postgraduate center. He has widely travelled abroad and has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. He has authored over 90 titles on Commerce and Management subjects, catering to the needs of graduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce and Management. He is a member of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka and has served as Chairman of Business Education Committee, besides being the member of International Trade Committee, IT Committee and Tourism Committee. He has founded Federation of Teachers` Councils of Commerce and Management in Karnataka to revamp business education. As a Founder President, he has contributed to give a new turn to business education in Karnataka. At the instance of the Federation, Government of Karnataka appointed a high-powered committee to restructure business education in Karnataka for which he was appointed as a member. He has won many laurels for his contribution to business education.

Prof. H.R. Ramanath, M.Com, MBA, M.Phil, (Ph.D.) is working as Professor of Management at Post Graduate Centre for Management Studies of Surana College Bangalore. Prior to this assignment, he has served in Manufacturing and IT industries for ten years. Very young and bright scholar, Prof. H.R. Ramanath has twelve books to his credit on Commerce and Management and a teacher par excellence.

D. M. Gujarathi -

M.Com., D.O.M., M.Phil., Ph.D,

Chairman, Board of Studies in Cost & Works Accounting,

University of Pune, Pune-07.

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