A Text Book On Culture, Diversity and Society

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-860-3

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2015

No. Of Pages : 232

About The Book

The book in brief covers facts and problems related to Indian Society through following topics.

Religious, cultural and geographical diversities in India and its impact on society.

Social stratification, caste system, minorities, weaker sections and provisions to take better care of rural problems, gender discrimination, violence against women and measures to improve the situation.

Problems related to communication, regionalism, child labour, bonded labour and mass media.

Globalisation and its impact on Culture, growth and development


Contents :

Unit – 1 Understanding The Diversity Of Indian Society
1. Geographical Diversity
2. Religious Diversity
3. Cultural Diversity
4. Unity in Diversity
Multiple Choice Questions
Unit – 2 Family, Caste, Village And Women In India
1. Family as a Basic Institution of Indian Society: Indian Family in Transition
2. Social Stratification And Disparities; The Caste System And Its Evils: The Predicament of The Weaker Sections: Scheduled Castes And Tribes; Backward Classes And Religious Minorities
3. Rural Society And Its Problems; Rural-Urban migration
4. Gender Discrimination; Violence Against Women; Measures To Improve The Status of Women
Multiple Choice Questions
Unit – 3 Contemporary Challenges Before Indian Society
1. Communalism And Religious Fundamentalism
2. Regionalism And Ethnocentrism
3. Globalization And Mono-Culturalism; Mcdonaldization
4. Child Labour; Migrant Labour; Bonded Labour; Contract Labour;
5. Mass Media And Its impact On Society
Multiple Choice Questions

About The Author

Dr. Ravindranath Badi has got vast experience as executive in corporate world and is the Principal of Management Institutes in Bangalore. He has written a number of books for PG and UG programme in Commerce and Management studies. Many of his books have been recognized as text books in various universities of India. He has focussed more on writing for subjects where Indian author`s books are needed with Indian case studies. Recently he has been awarded the "National Teachers Excellence Award-2010 in Management Education".

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