Advanced Financial Management

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Year of Publication : 2014

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About The Book

At the advent of introducing the New Economic Policy in 1992, Indian Business Environment witnessed drastic changes. Some of the major areas of changes and challenges faced by people in general and business enterprises in particular are, Information Technology, Communication revolution, Entry of International business firms not only in manufacturing sector but also in the service sector. Agricultural sector also received several challenges from foreign players in the country.

In the early days of 1990, 91 and 1992, it was the feeling of the citizens in India that, we may not be able to with stand the onslaughts of Globalized revolution in the country. This feeling was in the air because of past performance of the economy.

But, this feeling of Indians did not stay for longer period of time. We accepted the challenges of MNCs, TNCs, adapted strategies suitably to face competition. Computer knowledge, Information Technology related issues, service sectors, secrets and massive acquisition of knowledge etc., was systamatically scientifically, authoritatively not only learnt but also exhibited to the rest of the world. To support this cause, the universities, schools, colleges, research institutions changed their conservative mind set, adopted new syllabi, new technology, continuous up gradation, re-orientations of teachers, investing more money on knowledge based activities etc.

It is in this context, Bangalore University Commerce Department took the lead in introducing market driven courses to train the younger generation. Research inputs, skill oriented curricular at the degree level with wide range of specialization etc., were introduced. Sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to this endeavour.

As a witness to this development, in the V semester Advance Financial Management was introduced. This subject definitely accelerate the acquisition of knowledge to the students who aspire for making their career in finance or to work as professionals in the field of finance in the corporate sector. The book has been designed to assist the teachers and student community to cope up with the syllabi, scope, the depth at which each chapter in to be dealt with etc., sufficient number of illustrations with exercises are presented to train the reader to get the familiarity with the concepts.


Contents :

Unit 1 - Investment Decision and Risk Analysis

Unit 2 - Sources of Capital

Unit 3 - Capital Structure Theories

Unit 4 - Dividend Theories

Unit 5 - Planning and Forecasting of Working Capital Management

Skill Development

About The Author

Dr. B.G. Satyaprasad is a co-author of Financial Management and other nine leading titles in the field of Commerce and Management is presently working as a professor of commerce in Abbas Khan College for Women, Bangalore. He has teaching experience of more than 20 years in.under graduate and 10 years in post-graduate management courses. He has served in various capacities in different fields. Viz. Organising workshops, conferences and refresher courses. He is associated with many leading management institutes and research centers. Mount Carmal Institute of Management Studies, M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, CMRI Management Studies, Surana College (P.G. Center), KKECS Institute of Management Studies. He is working as Principal Investigator for a Major Research Proj ect sponsored by University Grants Commissions, New Delhi. He has guided many research scholars and projects in the field of Commerce and Management. He has presented number of papers in state, national and international conferences and contributed many articles to leading journals. He has been continuously exposed to wide range of issues relating to Finance and Banking.

CA. Rudramurthy B.V.

ACA, M.Com., MFM, M.Phil.

ACA, M.Com., MFM, M.Phil.

Research Head,

Vachana Securities Pvt. Ltd.,

Bengaluru - 560 003.

B.V. Harisha -

MBA, M.Com., M.Phil., PGDFM,

FRM (GARP) AIP - Finance & Control Area,

Indian Institute of Management


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