Contemporary Issues in Indian Society

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

It is proud to announce the publication of its third volume, Contemporary Issues in Indian Society 2014. It is an annual publication since 2012, original relevant and insightful research papers are considered for publication. The first volume covered multi-disciplinary themes in the subjects of Economics, English literature and Commerce. The second volume was restricted to contemporary issues of Indian society with specific reference to economic concerns. The present volume is a compilation of papers by professors of English language and literature. It provides a glimpse of the contemporary issues and changing paradigms of English literary scenario. It encompasses a spectrum of issues, ranging from the physiological to the social, the moral and the ideological. All the ten selected articles offer interesting viewpoints and perceptions. The overpowering issue of existential agony of women in contemporary society is well presented by Jena. While Anita’s paper critiques the suffering of both men and women during the freedom struggle. The cultural conflicts, globalisation issues, and identity crisis are the other significant themes of the collection. Shubha Acharya gives an interesting perspective of animation technique as an attempt to revisit our ancient epics. Anvekar’s paper reviews the perennial relationship between nature and literature. An overview of the papers thus provides a glimpse of the variations and nuances of literary studies.


Contents -

1 A Psychoanalytical Study of Women Characters of Anita Desai with Reference to Cry the Peacock and Fire on the Mountain
Dr. Renuka Devi Jena
2 A Matter of Virility and Impotence in Khushwant Singh’s Train to Pakistan
Dr. Anita Luther
3 Literary Response to the Cultural Dynamics of Globalization with Special Reference to The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid
Dr. Jayashree Palit
4 Perspectives of Power and Knowledge in Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’
Dr. Preeti Oza
5 ‘Ram’ Appeal in the 21st Century via Animation
Ms Shubha Acharya
6 Concerning the ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ in A Passage to India
Ms. Kavita Patil
7 Quratulain Hyder’s River of Fire in the Context of Historiographic Metafi

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Dr. Renuka Devi Jena

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