Soft Skills of Personality Development

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Book Edition : Second

Year of Publication : 2012

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About The Book

Concomitant with the progress in the global civilization, radical changes have taken place in spheres of human life. Service quality, global village, knowledge economy, professional management, democratic leadership, women empowerment and inclusive growth are some of the buzz words in circulation in recent times. One among such recent popular concerns is soft skills.

There is a clear shift in training and recruitment practices of corporate enterprises. Qualification like a college degree and training in the relevant functional field are no longer viewed sufficient for recruitment. Today in addition to them, proficiency in soft skills is considered and valued. The emphasis on soft skills become necessary, recruiters explain, for various reasons like, emergence of team work, increase in work – force diversity, revolution, rise of cross-cultural operations, growth in competition, information revolution, rise in virtual organization, and consumer sovereignty.

Skills as defined by the Oxford dictionary is the ability to do something well. Soft skills as a set of functional abilities or cluster of personality traits, relate to emotional quotient abilities or cluster of personality traits, relate to emotional quotient of individual. Typically soft skill can be defined as the skills that enable an individual engage and interact with others in dyads and groups, develop mutual understanding and acceptance, establish functional goal orientation and achieve team performance at the desired levels.


Contents -

Unit – I
Chapter – 1 Attitude
Unit – II
Chapter – 2 Goal Setting
Chapter – 3 Time Management
Unit – III
Chapter – 4 Enhancing Creativity
Chapter – 5 Creative Problem Solving
Unit – IV
Chapter – 6 Stress Management
Unit – V
Chapter – 7 Communication Skills
Chapter – 8 Process of Communication
Chapter – 9 Listening Skills
Chapter – 10 Body Language
Unit - VI
Chapter – 11 Emotional Intelligence
Chapter – 12 Interpersonal Relationships

About The Author

Dr. C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu is a retired professor from Department of Management Studies, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. He obtained both B.E (Electrical) degree and MBA with a gold medal from Andhra University. His doctorate was in the area of Corporate social responsibility from Acharya Nagarjuna University. He has about 36 years of teaching experience. He has so far authored about 60 research papers and six textbooks in management.

Dr. Lalitha Ramakrishnan´╗┐ - Dr. Lalitha R. is currently professor in Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry Karaikal. She holds an MBA and Ph.D. from Sri Venkateswara University. She has about 18 years of teaching experience. Prior to joining teaching, she worked with TVS group as Product Coordinator. She has coauthored six textbooks with Prof. C.S.G. Krishnamacharyulu. Her areas of interest include: Strategic Management, Marketing and Women in Management.

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