Corporate Financial Policy

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Year of Publication : 2015

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About The Book

This book has been written as per syllabus of Bangalore University's B. Com. Degree Course, provides an overview of corporate financial policy and details about financial policy, decision making, debt financing, internal financing, taxation, financial risks, mission and vision of financial goals, profit criteria, wealth criteria, sustained growth approach and maximising growth. In addition, it covers mergers and acquisitions of corporates, forms of merger, motives and benefits of merger, valuation of merger, proposals, negotiations, leveraged buyouts—regulations of mergers and acquisitions in India. It also explains about business valuation, amalgamation and valuation of brands, licensing and intangible assets. Though tailored for students of Banglore University, it is also useful to the students of financial management and MBA students.

Traditional form of business activities are buying and selling services and/or goods to genuine customers. But today's business, under corporate management, has shown tremendous changes in business behaviour, distribution, advertisement, marketing areas. And all such activities, need finance to fulfill the object of the company and better customer relationship management.

To achieve corporate financial goals, cost of capital is always considered in every financial policy. Sometimes for expansion and to avoid competitions in the market, mergers and acquisitions take place in the corporate sector and in doing so valuation of shares, bonds and intangible assets is taken care of. All these characteristics combined form the Corporate Financial Policy of any corporate. This is to be considered by all students of finance. As per new syllabus from 2012-13, this book has been revised, completely.


Contents -

Unit-1 Financial Policy
Unit-2 Cost of Capital
Unit-3 Corporate Financial Goals
Unit-4 Merges and Acquisitions
Unit-5 Corporate Valuation
Skill Development

About The Author

Shri O.P. Agarwal, post graduate in Commerce from the Vikram University, Ujjain in the year 1964 and obtained Bachelor`s Degree in Laws in 1971 from the Indore University (Madhya Pradesh). He has been a distinguished scholar since he passed the M.P. Higher Secondary Board, Bhopal examination in the first rank in the year 1959. While B.Com. was passed in the 7th rank in the year 1962. After obtaining educational qualifications, he joined Bank of Maharashtra in July 1971, and obtained the international Diploma in Banking from London (England) and became associate C.A.I.B. (London). He served the nationalised bank for 35 years and acquired the skill in banking rules and regulations, customer satisfaction and service, efficient administration of the branches and corporate services department at the central office of the bank.

He pioneered for perfect implementation of extensive quality work to the customers and colleges. He has been branch managers for 11 years, 4 years at regional and central office along with 7 years as Faculty in Bank of Maharashtra - Staff Training Centre, New Delhi.

All above practical experience, enabled him to put experience and research into book-form by writing books, for all bank employees for their better future and elevation, for subjects like internal promotion, C.A.I.I.B. and computer operation (in Hindi language) as early as in years between 1991 to 1994. After retirement from bank services, he had desired and wished to spread and share his knowledge and experience with new generation, who were aspiring for services in banking, business management, insurance and foreign exchange areas. Since 2005, he has to his credit - writing of over 50 books on subjects like Foreign Exchange, Banking and Finance, Banking and Insurance, Security Analysis and Investment Management, Financial Markets and Services, J.A.I.I.B. and C.A.I.I.B. reference books in multiple choice questions, in Hindi and English languages. Professional bankers and serving bankers should also get the opportunity for updating the development in banking and finance subjects. He has written books, viz., Modern Banking of India, Credit Appraisal (in Hindi), Banks` Interview, How to Face Bank Interviews? (in Hindi), Quantitative and Financial Decision Analysis, Retail Banking, International Financial Management and Practical Letters Writing (in Hindi) for the benefit of entire fraternity. Writing of books is a passion for Mr. Agarwal.

He has been Guest Faculty since the year 2001 to date for various bank`s staff training colleges in Mumbai as well as for the largest and the first asset reconstruction company ARCIL, CBD Belapur, New Mumbai for their officers` training programmes.

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