Financial Management with New Approach

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

This book has been designed to equip the students pursuing study in Financial Management paper, with corporate exposure and need-based practical knowledge.This will help not only the students of this area but also the newly-joined corporate people who are working in the related areas.

This book will enable the students of M.Com, CFA.,ICAI,ICWAI and last but not the least, the MBA even BBA students of different B-Schools and Universities across our country and of many more. The theories and concepts have been simplified and lot of illustrations have been backed up which will be absolutely need -based and also student-worthy.

In this book, besides presenting the general financial management in details we have also focused on how financial managers are using derivative products such as options, futures, swaps and forwards to eliminate financial risk. Besides showing financial analysis by using management accountintg and statistical techniques, discussions also have taken place in the area of technical analysis along with economic analysis of Derivative market so that we can offer the updated knowledge for that area which is either contining or upcoming and perhaps the most important for the students to work in there in near future.



1. Introduction of Financial Management
2. Time Value of Money
3. Risk and Return
4. Valuation of Securities
5. Introduction to Indian Financial System
6. Long-term Sources of Financing and Venture Capital
7. Cost ofCapital
8. Working Capital Management
9. Cash and Liquidity Management
10. Debtors Management
11. Inventory Management
12. Capital Budgeting
13. Leverage
14. Capital Structure Theories and Planning
15. Dividend Policy
16. Financial Statement Analysis
17. Analysis of Budget
18. Cash Flow Analysis
19. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
20. CVP Analysis and Marginal Costing
21. Variance Analysis and Standard Costing
22  Merchant Banking
23. Financial Risk and Its Management
24. Derivative Market and Commodities
25. Portfolio Management
26. Corporate Restructuring
27. Overview of Manager Control System
28. Mergers and Acquisitions
29. International Financial Management
30. Investment Banking
31. Lease and Hire Purchasing
32. Options

About The Author

Prof. S.N. Roy besides distinguished in teaching Finance has the substantially long and worthy experience of delivering knowledge of the myriad world of Finance.Besides possessing knowledge in Cost Accountancy and Management along with the expertise in Investment and Tax Planning, Prof.Roy has lot of Experience in the spheres of accounts, taxation, budgeting, project financing, audit, liquidity functions, banking operations, treasury operations, fund management and many others in different corporates. He has special interest in teaching Financial Services, Derivative market and its Analysis,capital investment, taxation, Fund management and administration etc.

Prof. Roy`s vast experience as a Head of academics in a Business school as a Director (Corporate Training and Resources) in a Training and placement house, as a Financial and Investment Consultant and as a teacher in different B-Schools, has enabled him to find out the deficit areas of financial knowledge of a student pursuing study in the sector of Financial Management. He is a Member of All India Management Association (New Delhi), Consultancy Development Centre (New Delhi) and National HRD Network (Kolkata Chapter).

Prof.Roy earnestly hopes that his endeavor shall come to the aid of scores of the students and enable them to find their way through the maze of Financial Management.

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