Concrete Mix Design Handbook

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 276

About The Book

This practical Concrete Mix Design(CDM) handbook is written for those hundreds of thousands of only academically qualified Graduate or Diploma Civil Engineers who are producing Cement Concrete with 10/7 Concrete Mixers. They are working at construction sites, usally without the full time guidance of senior civil engineers, who themselves may not have received correct practical construction training. They will learn from this handbook, how to make good cement concrete with the necessary CMD parameters of cohesion, workability, strength and Durability.

Cement cocrete is a 'Man-Made' Rock. If made properly, it is a wonderful scientific Building Material- easily Mouldable, Leak-proof, strong and durable, and should last over 100 years without maintenance and repairs. Reinforced cement Concrete(RCC)was introduced in Europe in the 19th cntury, to reduce the thickness of load -bearing structural Members of Bridges (footings, piers and Arches), and later to replace thick load- bearing masonry walls of buildings with slim RCC columns and beams, atthe request of architects, to increase the carpet areas of lower floor rooms.

But, concrete can be a treacherous building material if made without knowledge and strict supervision. A badly made RCC structure will soon leak and slowly crack. These are the first symptoms of 'concrete cancer'. Ignoring these defects leads to a collapse within 15 to 30 years.

This CMD handbook explains in detail each item of the theory, principles and logic of concrete Mix design, along with step-by-step practical instructions. The nitty-gritty and the nuts and bolts of making good concrete will also be ilustrated with many self-explannatory tables, sketches and photographs. It also serves as a self-study handbook for the contractor's site engineer.

All consruction work of the contractor's site engineer has to be supervised, as explained in training sheet1. This handbook will there fore, also be useful to the following:
1) Owner's project engineer and inspectors
2) Architect's clerk of works and inspectors
3) Structural consulting engineer's resident engineer and inspectors
4) Government and mnicipal engineers and inspectors



2.Concrete Mix Design (CMD) Definition
3.Site Lab Infrastructure

About The Author

Ex Anthony Philip Remedios is a Chartered Civil Engineering from London University, U.K. He was the first non-white Civil Engineer from the whole of Southern Africa. Since 1971 Er A P Remedios has been conducting Practical Training Classes in ‘Concrete Mix Design’ And ‘Good Construction Practices’ at Construction Sites all over India, with Audio-Visual Presentations and Hand-On Demonstrations. He is often referred to as ‘India’s Concrete Guru’.

Over a period of more than 50 year at Construction Sites, abroad and all over this Country, Er A P Remedios has evolved and adopted simple methods for Concrete Mix Design (DMD), using locally available Materials and Appropriate Technology with only Volume-Batching of Aggregates using normal mechanical 10/7 Concrete Mixer. Since the type of practical training he received In U.K., is no longer available in India at Construction Site, he decided to produce this CMD Handbook.

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