Business Organisation (Telangana Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5262-233-7

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 272

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About The Book

It gives us immense pleasure to place in your hand a book titled “Business Organisation“ Prepared according to the revised syllabus under Semester Pattern introduced by the Telangana University for B.Com. Students from Academic Year 2016-17. The book has been written in simple language to address to the conceptual needs of the Undergraduate students. The book has been dividend in Thirteen Chapters based on the Five Modules included in the syllabus.



Module I
1. Introduction to Business
2. Business Objectives and CSR
3. Steps to Start an Enterprise
Module II
4. Forms of Business Organisatin
5. Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
6. Hindu Undivided Family and Co-Operative Organisation
Module III
7. Joint Stock Company
8. Promotion of Joint Stock Company
9. Documents for Registration of a Joint Stock Company
Module IV
10. Sources of Finance -I
11. Sources of Finance - II
Module v
12. Stock Exchanges
13. Mutual Funds

About The Author

(Late) Professor S.A. Sherlekar was Professor and Head of the Department of Business Management in R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga, Mumbai. He was a brilliant academician and held Masters Degrees in Arts and Commerce. He wrote the first book on Marketing Management in the year 1981 when there was hardly any other Indian books on Marketing Management. Since then, the title has gone through successful revised editions and reprints showing the popularity of the book. His other books include "Principles of Business Management", "Modern Business Organisation and Management", "Global Marketing Management" and "Management - Value Oriented Holistic Approach".

Dr. Khushpat S. Jain -

Associate Professor,

Ph.D. (Banking), MBA (Human Resource Management),

M.Com. (Banking and Finance), M.A. (Economic and Political Science), NET, SET.

Apexa V. Jain -

M.Com. (Business Management), M.B.A.

(Human Resource Management), M.Phil.

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