Entrepreneurship Development (Bangalore Univ)

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About The Book

Entrepreneurship is an intangible factor and is the moving force of development. Major socio-economic problems confronted by the country can be solved by encouraging entrepreneurs. In India entrepreneurship is constantly equated with the establishment and management of small business units. The development of small scale industry, which is the alternative name for entrepreneurship in India, can solve the problems such as concentration of economic power in few hands, regional imbalances and exploitation by monopolists.

Developed and developing countries alike are encouraging entrepreneurship for the economic growth. Entrepreneurship is the innovative skill of the individual which prompts the person to take up self employment and produce such goods or service which will be innovative and useful to the society. Entrepreneurs do establish their business in different way and take decisions under uncertainty. They turn opportunities into business ventures. Jobs are created by them and they will be adding new jobs on a large scale to employment market. They also take up community services in the places and locations wherever they run their do business.

Considering the importance of entrepreneurship which is challenging and rewarding, particularly for youths, many universities in the country have introduced "Entrepreneurship Development" in the course matrix of B.Com, BBM, BBA and other business education courses. The study includes (i) meaning, nature, qualities and types of entrepreneurs (ii) Small scale industries as a domain for entrepreneurship development (iii) preparing project reports for small business (iv) Assistance of regulatory bodies to develop entrepreneurship and such other related issues. This study will inculcate entrepreneurship aspects in young minds and prompts them to take to entrepreneurial activities in their future walk of life.

This book is prepaired covering the said aspects of entreprenurship development to satisfy the needs of curriculum of B.Com. on this subject of various Universities including Bangalore University. The content is written in a simple style for better understanding of the students.



1. Entrepreneurship - Historical Overview
2. Enterpreneurship
3. Woman Entrepreneurs
4. Types and Characteristics
5. Small - Scale Industries
6. Capital Investment
7. Ownership Patterns
8. SSI-Problems
9. SSI-Policies
10. Small Industry - Start up Issues - I
11. SSI - Start up Issues - II
12. Business Plan
13. Financial Institutions (For SSIS)
14. Other Suppoting Institutions
Skill Development

About The Author

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah is an erudite scholar and a prolific writer. He has promoted educational institutions and has a teaching experience of over 50 years, serving in the capacity of professor, principal and the director of postgraduate center. He has widely travelled abroad and has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. He has authored over 90 titles on Commerce and Management subjects, catering to the needs of graduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce and Management. He is a member of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka and has served as Chairman of Business Education Committee, besides being the member of International Trade Committee, IT Committee and Tourism Committee. He has founded Federation of Teachers` Councils of Commerce and Management in Karnataka to revamp business education. As a Founder President, he has contributed to give a new turn to business education in Karnataka. At the instance of the Federation, Government of Karnataka appointed a high-powered committee to restructure business education in Karnataka for which he was appointed as a member. He has won many laurels for his contribution to business education.

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