Investment Management (Bangalore Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2016

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About The Book

India is fourth largest economy in the world and it has the second largest GDP among developing countries in terms of purchasing power. Various research studies carried out across the globe confirm the fact that India and China will rule the world in the 21st century. The wealthy countries of Europe, USA and Japan had seen supreme decline in global GDP. By 2025 the Indian economy is projected to be about 60% of the size of the US economy. The transformation into a tripolar economy will be complete by 2035, with the Indian economy only a little smaller that the US economy but larger than that of Western Europe. By 2035 India is likely to be a larger growth driver than the six largest countries in the EU though its impact will be little over half that of the US. India will overtake Japan and become third major economic power within 10 years.

Emerging strong even during the scariest phase of global financial meltdown, India has become one of the favorite investment destinations for the global as well as foreign Investor across the globe. The Investment scenario in India is getting better with each passing day due to high confidence level of the Investors. Backed by a strong government at the centre, Indian capital market is buzzing with activities. Sensex reached its all time high and there is a steady increase in investment inflow both from Individual and institutional investors.

In this book an attempt is made to provide glimpse of Investment management process. The first chapter provides basic introduction to investment management, risks associated with Investment and Investment strategies. The second chapter provides an overview of security analysis in the form of Fundamental and technical analysis. The next two chapters deal with evaluation and management of portfolios. The last chapter gives outline of global markets. The book is written in a simple manner to meet the needs of undergraduate students. The solved and exercise problems are included wherever necessary.


Contents -

1. Introduction to Investment Management
2. Security Analysis
3. Portfolio Management
4. Portfolio Management Strategies
5. Mutual Funds

About The Author

Prof. H.R. Appannaiah is an erudite scholar and a prolific writer. He has promoted educational institutions and has a teaching experience of over 50 years, serving in the capacity of professor, principal and the director of postgraduate center. He has widely travelled abroad and has presented many research papers in national and international conferences. He has authored over 90 titles on Commerce and Management subjects, catering to the needs of graduate and postgraduate studies in Commerce and Management. He is a member of Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Karnataka and has served as Chairman of Business Education Committee, besides being the member of International Trade Committee, IT Committee and Tourism Committee. He has founded Federation of Teachers` Councils of Commerce and Management in Karnataka to revamp business education. As a Founder President, he has contributed to give a new turn to business education in Karnataka. At the instance of the Federation, Government of Karnataka appointed a high-powered committee to restructure business education in Karnataka for which he was appointed as a member. He has won many laurels for his contribution to business education.

Dr. Mukund Sharma is presently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Management Studies, BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Dr. Sharma has a Master’s Degree in Management and a Ph.D. in International Finance from University of Mysore, He is an active researcher and a teacher with an experience of ever a decade. He has published research articles in National and International journals apart from presenting research papers at conferences in India and abroad. He has co-authored sis text book s in the area of Finance and Accounting.

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