Management Process (Bangalore Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5202-628-9

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 226

About The Book

This book has been especially writtten for First Semester BBM students of Bangalore University. We are very happy that our first edition of Management Process is received well in the hands of the readers. The language of the book is simple and the coverage of variours unit is exhaustive with examples. This work is prepared as a basic material for the learners to know fully about management and forms of organizations. We have tried to make the book very useful for the students but still we will thankfully solicit and incororate the suggestions of our readers. This title "Management Process" provides them an pportunity to develop the skills necessary to meet the challenges.

This is an attempt to provide the students with thorough understanding of management concepts. In writing this book we have benefited immensely from the studies of a number of books and the articles written by scholars spred over diversely.



1. Introduction to Management
2. Planning
3. Organizing and Staffing
4. Directing and Co-Ordinating
5. Controlling

About The Author

Rekha M.P. -

MBA, M.Phil.,

Lecturer, Department of Management,

Dayananda Sagar junior business School,

Bangalore University.

Vibha V. - 

MBA. M.Phil

Lecturer, Department of Management,

Dayananda Sagar junior Business School, Bengaluru.

<b>Jyothi Maskeri </b>

MBA, M.Phil

Lecturer, Department of Management,

Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies, Bengaluru

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