Entrepreneurship Development (Bangalore Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5262-147-7

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Student Dollar Price : 9$

Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2016

No. Of Pages : 186

About The Book

The book "Entrepreneurship Development" offers an overview of the concept, explanation, illustrations, problems and best practices associated with some key areas of entrepreneur, small scale industries, formation of small scale industry, business plan and project assistance.

This book is designed to provide the need for all ategories of students by giving simple explanation and illustrations. Although the book is designed to promote self learning, yet no one can deny the role of a teacher in an effective learning process. Terefore, the book has many supplements to facilitate teachers of the course in more efficient discharge of their lectures and dissemination of knowledge.



1. Entrepreneurship
2. Small Scale Industries
3. Formation of Small Scale Industry
4. Preparing The Business Plan(BP)
5. Project Assistance

About The Author

Vibha V. - 

MBA. M.Phil

Lecturer, Department of Management,

Dayananda Sagar junior Business School, Bengaluru.

Savitha K.P.  -

MBA, M.Phil,(Ph.D)

Asst. Prof.,Department, of Management,

The oxford College of Engineering, Bengaluru

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