Human Resource Planning and Information System (Mumbai Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 184

About The Book

Human Resource Planning and Information System is a cross-disciplinary book that provides a thorough introduction to the field of Human Resource Information System (HRIS), a combination of two major management fields that impact the competitive advantage of companies—human resources and information system. Unlike other HRIS textbooks that overwhelm students with technical info and jargon, this offers a balanced approach in dealing with HR and IT/IS issues by drawing from experts in both areas. This book deals with case and exhibits. It highlights that business can always evolve and develop a cutting edge through the use of techniques like business process reengineering. Recognizing that business must, of necessity, be competitive and that this is an absolute requirement for the growth and survival of business, the author discusses how business must reinvent and redesign themselves. Human Resource play a vital role in the total system and HR objectives must be linked to business objectives. As a subsystem of the total system, Human Resource Management is able to contribute to company objectives considerably and improve the core business of the company provided the strategies are used appropriately. Human Resources Planning can make a world of difference.


Contents -

1. Overview of Strategic Human Resource Planning
2. Process of Human Resource Planning
3. Strategic Human Resource Planning
4. Human Resource Policy
5. Job Analysis
6. Human Resource Requirement and Availability
7. Recruitment
8. Human Resource Audit
9. HRP Practitioner
10. Aspects of HRP
11. Return on Investment in HRP
12. Restructuring and its Impact on HR
13. Mergers and Acquisitions and its Impact on HRP
14. Outsourcing and its Impact on HRP
15. Data and Information Needs for HR Manager
16. Human Resources Information System
17. Designing of HRIS
18. HRIS Mechanism

About The Author

Dr. Rajeesh Viswanathan is a Senior Faculty in the Dept. of International Business, School of Management at Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry, India. He teaches Organizational Behaviour, Cross-cultural Management, Leadership and Organizational Development. He has also authored 09 books and co-authored two books in the HR and Management. His books in the area of management and HR are highly sold and are used as referrence text book in the leading universities like Pondicherry Central University, University of Mumbai, Anna University, etc. He has focused his research interests on conflict, employee engagement, leadership issues, team performance, performance management system; behavioral decision making; and the development of interpersonal skills. He is also a management consultant and has done consultancy project and evaluation studies for Government of India and Puducherry. He has two decades of teaching and industry experience in USA and India.

Veena Prasad -

Ph.D., M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A.

Co-ordinator – Banking and Insurance Department,

SIWS College Wadala,


Booma Halpeth -

B.Sc., M.B.A., M.D.B.A., P.G.D.R.M., NET

Visiting Faculty, Model College, Dombivali.

Formerly Territory Manager,

Eli Lilly Ranbaxy Ltd.

Dr. Satinder Gujral -

M.Com, B.Ed., Ph.D., MBA

I/C Principal, Reena Mehta College of Commerce & Management Studies,

Bhayander (West).

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