Innovative Financial Services (Mumbai Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

Academics and policymakers have shown an increasing interest in the role that a well-developed financial sector might play in defining a path of economic development characterized by sustainable, long-run economic growth. Theoretical modeling has suggested the importance to growth of a highly developed banking industry and capital markets. Extensive empirical evidence has corroborated this hypothesis. The research focus is now directed toward a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the relationship between financial development and economic growth.

Financial services industry is expanding its scope keeping the same objective at place. On one hand, experts are thinking about broadening the financial services structure; whereas, on other hand, market is witnessed by intense competition. Thus, customers across the globe are benefited from various Innovative Financial Services which is a key solution for all these issues. Innovations in the industry are imperative for the augmentation of financial services sector.

This book, which has been written in line with the revised syllabus of T.Y. BMS of Mumbai University, is an attempt to provide the basic knowledge to the learners about the innovative financial services and the related recent developments in India.

The book is unique in its presentation and style. It has been tried to present the matter in as clear and simple manner as possible to make it intelligible to each and every student.


Contents -

1. Financial Services
2. Factoring and Forfaiting
3. Bills Discounting
4. Issue Management and Intermediaries
5. Stock Broking
6. Stock Trading (Cash and Normal) and DerivativeTrading
7. Securitization
8. Lease and Hire Purchase
9. Housing Finance
10. Venture Capital
11. Consumer Finance
12. Plastic Money
13. Credit Rating
14. Practical Problems

About The Author

Prof. Sunil Lalchandani is the Head of Management Studies Dept. at Smt. CHM College, Ulhasnagar, and is associated with the college since last 15 years. He holds the Masters Degree in Commerce - Accountancy and Finance, Business Administration and Economics. He has also completed M.Phil. in Commerce, and is currently pursuing his research in Business Economics. He has also qualified UGC-NET as well as SET, both in Commerce. He also holds the professional degree in Software Engineering. As a resource person and guest faculty, he has delivered lectures and has addressed students of various management institutions. He is also associated with many reputed management institutions as a visiting faculty for Post Graduate Courses in Commerce and Management. He has presented more than 40 research papers in various international and national conferences and has published these papers in journals with national and international repute. He has published 10 books on Finance, Research Methodology and General Management. He has professional tie-ups with many social and academic bodies, and holds the Lifetime Membership of "Maharashtra Commerce Association", "Indian Merchants Chamber" and "All India Commerce Association". He was awarded as "Best Teacher in the field of Management" by Global Society for Basic and Applied Sciences, India in May 2017 and received "Exemplary Teacher Award" by Indo Global Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture in February, 2018.

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