Human Resources Management And Human Relations

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Book Edition : Sixth

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 776

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About The Book

Ever since the appearance of the first edition of the Human Resources Management and Human Relations in the realm of management literature in India, the HRM concept has attained wider dimensions. Managers across the globe now visualise HRM as their centre of attraction. Globalisation of business has made further impetus. No wonder, HRM & HR has been widely acclaimed as an authentic treatise on the subject. The overwhelming response from the readers and managers has been evidenced by tremendous demand for the work in the market on the one hand and widespread appreciation of readers and HRM professionals on the other.

HRM is now a subject of study in almost all universities and management training institutions either as a separate area of study or as a part of the management education. With the teaching and learning of HRM. I have taken into account the suggestions and remarks of all concerned during the course of my revision exercises, and an confident that the revised version of HRM & HR will be of great utility to all those who are interested in the subject, more particularly to HRM professional s and the students of HRM, HRD, Human Relations, Organisational Behaviour, Social Sciences and Human Side of Enterprises.


Contents -

1. An INtroduction to Human Resource Management
2. Human Resources Approach: Some Traces of The Past
3. The Process of Human Resources Management
4. Actuating And HRM
5. Human Resource Planning
6. Job Analysis
7. Human Resources Development
8. Organisation Development
9. Career Planning andDevelopment
10. Communication in HRM
11. Motivation in HRM
12. Executive Conselling in HRM Process
13. HR Manager's Leadership
14. Human Relations
15. Approaches To Human Relations
16. Industrial Relations
17. Appraisal In HRM
18. Managing Compensation
19. Workers' Involvement in Management
20. Conclusion

About The Author

Dr. Archana Shrivastava - 

Ph.D., MBA, B.E. (Electronics and Telecom)

Senior Faculty and Trainer

Prof. V.P. Michael is a prolific writer in management. His most popular books include over a dozen of widely acclaimed titles in management. He had a brilliant academic career with extensive research, consultancy, professional experience and post-graduate teaching experience in management; and has formidable academic qualifications (three doctoral degrees, three master’s degrees, two fellowships and a number of other qualification including MBA and Ph.D. in Management).   

A management and HRD consultant of considerable repute, Dr. Michael is a sought after trainer and faculty for management education, who is a well-known authority in the subject.   

 A Fellow of the British Institute of Management, London, Prof. Michel has membership of a number of professional bodies. Many of his research papers and professional articles appeared in reputed professional journal

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