Elements of Functional Administration

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

No. Of Pages : 178

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About The Book

This book would benefit both working professionals from any industry, business or service establishment and also for the students pursuing management studies.


Contents -

1. Scope of Functional Administration
2. Security and Vigilance
3. Industrial Housekeeping
4. Managing Transport
5. Reception and Front Office
6. Fire and Fire Prevention
7. Maintaining Communication System
8. Monitoring Contract Services
9. Managing AMCs
10. Welfare and Seryices Management
11. Civil and Utilities Management
12. Pest Control and Sanitation
13. Landscaping and Gardening
14. Insurance Coverage and Claims
15. Safety, First Aid and Health
16. What Should You Do?
17. Liaison and Public Relations
18. Forms/ Registers under The Factories Act
19. Check Listof Alert Dates for Compliance
20. Managing Travel and Ticket Booking
21. Managing Hotel Reservations
22. Handling Car Rentals
23. Managing LOgistics and Mail
24. Deed of an Agreement
25. Managing Leased Accommodations
26. Pollution Control and Environment
27. Administrative Budgeting
28. Legal and Administrative Terms
29. Elements of Organizational Behaviour
30. Fundamentals of Project Management
31. Quality Practices to Remember
32. Management Theories to Remember
33. Quotations to Remember
34. Bibliography
35. Appendix

About The Author

Rajasekhar Kandepu has the combined experience both in IR and HR in Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure Development and Media. He is a motivational speaker with over 285 Sessions in Academics and Youth Development, He wrote a number of knowledge articles on Human Resources and General Management. He alsowrites prose in Telugu on human interest issues. Performance management and Coaching, Counselling & Mentorieng (CCM), Leadership Development and OD are his liking functional areas in HR. He is specialized in writing Case studies both factual and hypothetical. As part of ISR, he had established a Library attached with Computer Education in his native village in Andhra Pradesh to realize his dream to contribute hais portion of Rural Development. Techno-Management QUIZ (TMQ) and Knowledge Forum are his exclusive contributions in the field of HRD.

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