A Study of the Development Potential of Tourism Sector and its Employment Pattern in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State

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About The Book

A decade after getting my Ph.D. this book to me is the culmination of a well accomplished plan. The topic was my chosen field and so different from anything I had previously learned and I should say on employment in the tourism Industry which remained unexplored to a larger extant. I felt doing PhD was a path of finding a tool for execution of strategy between numbers, people, jobs areas, and quality of life.

As I started with my proposal and I got my registration done my focus changed to specific area of Sindhudurg and a teacher became a researcher in the field of learning how to have a purpose of your study.

What followed was a period of four years of happy and productive work focusing on the areas of Malvan, Vengurla and Sawantwadi. I went in for a primary study and found people responding to me and my ideas positively.

The research area has Sindhudurg sea fort a tourist delight which is built on an island named Kurate by the Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It depicts a visionary, intelligent and resourceful which gave protection to Maratha Naval Ships in the western Sea.

I found that there was a large potential to develop tourism and the large array of virgin beaches with archeological sites and many other types of tourism sectors needed to be explored. Sindhudurg needed creative solutions and policymakers had to engineer the area into a tourism destination.

It is an emerging sector which needs to be tapped to provide employment to the population in India where more than 50% of the populations are youth. Tourism has to be tapped to reap the benefits of employment in India. We have the opportunity of innovating creating and developing tourism products which create markets maintaining the culture values and taste of the area.

The Global scenario of people are deferent but all have common desires and demand for products made with natural, healthy and in a sustainable way.



1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Research Design and Methodology
4. Tourism in Maharashtra
5. Tourism Development in Sindhudurg
6. Malvan - An Array of Tourism Destinations
7. Vengurla - A Heritage and Beach Tourism Destination
8. Sawantwadi - An Eco Tourism Destination
9. Findings from the Study
10. Recommendations and Areas for Further Research

About The Author

Dr. Malathi Iyer is an Associate Professor of Vivek College of Commerce affiliated to Mumbai University in Mumbai. She started teaching Economics for Undergraduates from 1990 and has taught Research Methodology for M.Com. and MBA students.
Dr. Malathi has completed her Ph.D. in Tourism Employment from SNDT University and has published papers in Journals at national and International Level. Tourism studies have laid a magnificent table for intellectual and emotional preparation and a passionate learning of the locals in Sindhudurg, Merging her passion of learning and writing has revolutionized her mind. Her purpose of the topic for thesis has been to make the locals aware of the strength of nature which could make a career for them without destroying them.
Dr. Malathi is an Honorary Consultant in Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals for Corporate Social Responsibility.

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