Core Java (Mumbai Univ)

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2017

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About The Book

It gives us immense pleasure to present this First Edition of "Core JAVA" to the teachers and students of Bachelor of Computer Science, Second Year, Third Semester. This book has been written as per the syllabus prescribed by the University with effect from academic year 2017-18.

When Java appeared in 1995, immediately its potential as a language for beginning programmers it was noticed. Java satisfies today's need for early instruction in an object-oriented language, while avoiding the complexities of C++. At the same time, Java is similar enough to C++ to serve as a stepping stone to that language. (At my institution, Java is the first language introduced, immediately followed by C++.) With no pointers to cause problems, Java programs are immune to those frustrating crashes that are so common in C++. GUI of Java is introduced in this book by introducing Applets and AWT.

Chapter 1 describes features of Java, if, for statements, tokens, arrays, strings and string buffer reader, Chapter 2 Inheritance and Interfaces, Chapter 3 Strings, Chapter 4 Packages, Chapter 5 Exception Handling, Chapter 6 Multithreading, Chapter 7 I/O streams and File stream, Chapter 8 Networking, Chapter 9 Wrapper Classes, Chapter 10 Collection Framework, Chapter 11 Inner Classes, Chapter 12 Applets and Chapter 13 AWT.

The concept and theory of each topic is followed by the theoretical explanation and some selfassessment questions, all practical solutions of java is provided.


Contents -

1. Java Language
3. String Manipulations
4. Packages
5. Exception Handling
6. Multithreading
7. IO Streams
8. Networking
9. Wrapper Classes
10. Collection Framework
11. Inner Classes
12. Applets
13. AWT
Final java Practical

About The Author

Prof. Kiran Gurbani, is currently Head of Computer Science, Department of R.K. Talreja College of Arts, Science & Commerce. She started journey of teaching from the year 1994 from Jondhale Engineering College, CDAC Center of Pune and Mumbai and later joined R.K.T. College. Subsequently, working for Post Graduate M.Sc. Computer Science and Information Technology and Professor in number of premium colleges. Overall 17+ years of experience as a Trainer / Academic In-charge / SME on varied technology platform.

She is a professor from last 17 years for various technologies, object oriented C++, Java, Visual Basic, DoT Net (VB.NET and ASP.NET), Unix shell scripting, Linux Administration, Oracle, SQL, Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Cloud management, web technologies, Software Engineering, Software testing, JBOSS and Web Logic, Parallel and Distributed computing, ADBMS, C# and Internet Technologies.

She is freelancer corporate trainer for the companies–Capgemini, Oracle, c-Edge, seed, CDAC for Unix shell scripting with Ant Technology, Linux, Cloud and Software Engineering (SSAD,OOAD), Networking CCNA and Middleware. She is a Guest faculty for ICWA, MMS Systems and Technologies and M.Sc. Computer Science and Information technology.

She has conducted several workshops and seminars for students and faculties of all over Mumbai. She is Freelancer trainer in various premium colleges of Mumbai and Thane for Troubleshooting of Linux for undergraduate and postgraduate and performed mini projects on Domain creation and uploading website of a company through apache web server, Mini project on Samba server for sharing Windows and Linux machines with Authenticated Users, Mini project of handling data and creating groups, users and authenticate them through Shell scripts of Linux. She is resource person in the training programs for organisations and premium colleges at University Level.

She is Leading as a Project Guide for Final Year Students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate for .NET & Android & Cloud management. She published books on Visual Basic, C++ Programming, Linux Operating System, Java and Data Structures.

She has published several papers:
(1) Different ICT Devices
(2) Problems Faced by Women’s in Career-building
(3) Different Mechanisms of Cloud Storage
(4) OpenStack Private Cloud with GitHub
(5) Probabilistic Independence Virtualization Database with NOSQL Database System Analysis in Bigdata.

Dr. Ashwin I. Mehta is M.Sc. from University of Mumbai and Ph.D. from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Nuclear Physics Division (BARC) under the guidance of late Dr. N. Satyamurthy and Dr. K. Usha Dennis. His earliest encounter with computers was writing programs in FORTRAN with BESM-6 mainframe machine and later PDP-11. Subsequently, he joined Halliburton and was involved in various technologies of data acquisition, storing and interpretation of oil field data. At Halliburton, he worked at Kuwait, Italy, The United States of America and many other countries across globe. He has several research papers to his credit in national and international journals.  After leaving hectic lifestyle of oil field, he entered Information Technology (IT) academics. Since then, his interest includes programming languages, web technologies, design architecture, Big Data and Python. He has 20+ years of experience that includes corporate training in Halliburton as well as in different academic institutions. He has authored books "Data Warehousing for Beginners", "Web Technologies" and "Advanced Java" published by Shroff Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd. He can be contacted at [email protected] for your suggestions.

Prof. Sandeep Vishwakarma, is currently Head of Department of Chandrabhan Sharma College of Science, Arts and Commerce. He has more than 12 years of experience in Teaching and 2 year industry experience. He has been teaching various technologies- OOPS, Advanced Java, Linux Admin, Software Engineering, DBMS, ORACLE, C Programming, Data Structure, Operating System, Logical Discrete Mathematics, C# and Internet Technologies. He is Visiting Faculty for M.Sc. (IT/CS) and MMS. He has published book on Fundamental of Digital Computing, Java and Data Structure, Advanced Java, Web Programming and Data Structures.

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