Make Every Drop Count Before it Reaches the Ocean

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 200

About The Book

Every year from March to June, the hot topics of discussion amongst the people are weather, water, power shortage, drought and farmer's suicide. Nobody is ready to accept the responsibility for the cause and effect and to find a solution to mitigate or to create awareness. Blame game starts. People start pointing fingers at administration, politicians and inability of the government to implement the policies already announced, etc. The condition in the neglected rural areas is very pathetic. Migration of people from rural to semi-urban and urban areas starts. Due to shortage of supply, people try to accumulate water not only for today, but also for the week. The only happy people are tanker suppliers, packaged water suppliers, middlemen and moneylenders. Tanker suppliers are our Lord for four months.

Cyclic reaction starts. Shortage of vegetables, milk and other essential commodities, soaring prices and health condition of the people deteriorates. Middlemen who are go between suppliers and consumers make money.

From July to September, the subject of discussion shifts to rain, flood, cyclonic storm, potholes on the road, house collapse, traffic disruption, etc. Blame game continues. There is no place to accumulate water. Tanker suppliers are unhappy, but the middlemen and money lenders still make more money. This continues year after year. Who has to be blamed for all these happenings? Finally, everybody agrees and points finger at five letter word "Water". Whether shortage or excess, the Lord of the water is to be blamed.

This article is written with deep concern about the neglected gold which everybody is consuming daily without thinking about its worthiness. The fact of the life is you cannot escape from water and have to live with it. If you want to live with it, then think about it in a positive way. Water only gives and it does not take anything in return from us. It is selfless, whereas we human beings, are selfish. We only know how to accumulate and not to distribute. Even when we distribute, we do it with pomp and show, seek publicity and remember it till our death. Water has only single goal, to reach ocean, whereas we have multiple goals. Water teaches us to give and not to take. This is what I wanted to spread the message through this article.


Contents -

1. Water
2. Water Foot Print
3. Water Intake of Individual
4. Water and Population Growth
5. Water Supply Requirement – As Per Indian Standard
6. Water Requirement of Animals
7. Relationship between Water and Health
8. Relationship between Poverty and Water Security
9. What is Agriculture?
10. Water Use in Industry
11. National Water Policy – 2012
12. Maharashtra State Water Supply Policy
13. Relation between Drought, Water and Rainfall
14. Wastage of Foodgrains in Government Godowns
15. Drinking Water
16. Availability of Drinking Water in Mumbai
17. Availability of Drinking Water in Thane
18. Availability of Drinking Water in Navi Mumbai
19. Water Pollution
20. Power Plants in Maharashtra
21. Water Football Match

About The Author

A.N. Damodar Rao

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