Understanding And Managing People

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About The Book

The subject of Human Resource Management is developing at an exponential pace and remains the glue for organizations to be firmly entrenched in realizing their vision of growing their business, providing value to their shareholders and focussing on the career growth for their employees. With the advent of the digital revolution, organizations have become laser focused in being innovative, differentiated and competitive in the market place.

The ecosystem within the organization is a fairly complex with multiple players orchestrating towards achieving a set of well-defined objectives. Today, HR is increasingly managing an extended workforce : employees, contractors, partners and others who are external to the organization but are nevertheless part of the essential workforce. Innovations in talent management parctices has to be grounded on a strong talent and retention. The Power of two : wherein the employer and the workforce work within the organizational construct to harness the potential for achieving high performance goals is mandatory.

The Human Management function has become Pervasive and its involvement with other strategic functions leads to innovative ideas that eventually increase the brand of the company.

However, at the core is the need to understand the organization behaviour. The performance of the organization is the sum total of individual and group performance and the dynamics within the organization. Human behaviour is complex and studying it's impact on various attributes that define the organization's success will provide valuable insights and recommendations for further improvement.

Therfore, the HR function necessitates people with high ability to adapt to changing needs and flexibility to unlearn and learn, be innovative, creative and collaborative. Motivation levels should also be very high as exemplified with the drive of entrepreneurs. Working towards attaining higher emotional intelligence (EQ), helps in working better with teams, adaptability to change and be more flexible. HR managers have a huge responsibility to identify, nurture and these valuable traits in people. "Understanding" people is the most essential attribute for HR managers and becomes possible if they possess good knowledge in psychology, sociology and application of concepts in real time




Section - A: Organisational Behaviour

1. a) Essentials of Organizational Behaviour
b) Personality
2. Learnin, Attitudes, Values, Job Satisfaction and Perception
3. Motivation and Group Behaviour

Section -B: Human Resource Management

4. Introduction to Human Resourcce Management, Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding
5. Npment and Performance Management Systems
6. Compensation Management and Industrial Relations

About The Author

Uma Warrier holds the Chief Counselorship in Jain University, Bangalore,India and is a senior faculty in the field of Human Resources Management and Organizational Psychology at the Centre of Management Studies. She received her M.B.A in Human Resource Management from IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National University) and her Ph.D. in Psychology and Management from the VTU (Visvesvaraya Technological University).

Her research interests are in strategic human resource management, workplace , diversity organizational behavior and managing change.Her research papers include involved topics in emotional intelligence, interpersonal psychotherapy, work life balance and suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

Dr. Uma Warrier started her career as a gazetted officer with the Kerala Agricultural University (1991). Later she served the IT industry in Bangalore as centre manager for First computers and client coordinator for an HR consultancy firm (1996-2001),catering to the HR requirements of companies like Wipro, Apar Info tech, IBM and many others.She completed her MBA in Human Resource Management (2001) and M.Phil in Management (2006). Human Psychology has always been her field of interest and she holds post graduate diploma in guidance and counselling from Annamalai University (2006). She started her academic assignment in the field of business management with Baldwin Womens Methodist College, Bangalore (2002). She has served Bangalore university for over 9 years and Jain university for 4 years. She is instrumental in setting syllabi for 6 HR papers of Jain Organizational psychology and Strategic management are other two subjects for which she set the syllabi. She was awarded Ph.D. in the field of Management and Psychology from the Prestigious VTU (Visveswaraya Technological University) in 2013 for her thesis "A study on Emotional Intelligence and Career Success un knowledge based industry. She actively participates in national and international conferences and published papers at National and International level Journals.She has authored books in the area of Human Resource Management and Organizational psychology.

In the capacity counselor of Jain University, she was instrumental in setting up a student`s guidance and counselling centre-Vishwas, which caters exclusively to the mental health challenges of Jain University Students. She provides guidance and counseling services to a variety of student groups and corporates. She also conduct training sessions for corporate and academic institutions. She is closely associated with NIMHAMS, Bangalore and was the panelist for a workshop on "Making a Difference: A Workshop on Youth Mental Health for College Counselors" (2013).She is currently pursuing her advanced research interests in the field of Emotional Intelligence and its effect on human behaviour.

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