Fundamentals of Algorithms (Mumbai Univ)

ISBN Number : 978-93-5273-734-5

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Book Edition : First

Year of Publication : 2018

No. Of Pages : 184

About The Book

It gives us great pleasure to present a book "Fundamentals of Algorithms" for S.Y.B.Sc. (Sem. IV) Computer Science. This book is based on new syllabus prescribed by Mumbai University from 2017-18. The main topics have been divided into subtopics for easy understanding. A number of solved examples have been included in the book with their implementation in Python. 'Mcq's are provided to enhance aptitude skills.'

Fundamentals of Algorithm is designed to serve as a textbook for undergraduate students of B.Sc. (CS) for the course of programming and problem solving. This textbook is easy to understand the basic concepts of Algorithm and its implementation in Python.

Key Features -
- Introducing the basic concepts of Algorithm, such as analysis of algorithm, complexity of algorithm and asymptotic notation.
- It covers the basic data structure like stack, queues and trees, searching and sorting techniques etc.
- All the practicals mentioned in the Mumbai University syllabus are implemented using Python.
- Provides a flexible blend of both the theoretical concepts and Python implementation.
- Provide exercises at the end of each section to reinforce students understanding each topic.
- For enhancing the aptitude skills, multiple choice questions are provided.


Contents -

Unit I
1. Introduction to Algorithm
2. Asymptotic Analysis
3. Recurrence Relations
Unit II
4. Sorting
5. Trees
6. Graphs
Unit III
7. Algorithm Design Techniques
8. Greedy Algorithms
9. Divide and Conquer Algorithms
10. Dynamic Programming
Multiple Choice Questions

About The Author

Archana Jadhav is Coordinator of Computer Science Department in N.G. Acharya and D.K. Marathe College, Chembur, Mumbai. Has been teaching to B.Sc. (CS and IT) and M.Sc. (IT) students for 13 years.

Sheetal Kashid is Assistant Professor in Computer Science Department in N.G. Acharya and D.K. Marathe College of Arts, Science & Commerce. Has been teaching to B.Sc. (CS and IT) and M.Sc. (IT) students for 2 years. He has published and presented paper "Personalized Web Search in Web Mining" in International Journal of Applied Information Systems with ISBN: 973-93-80888-30-1.

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