College Practical Physics (Mumbai Univ)

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Year of Publication : 2018

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About The Book

This text on Practical Physics has been primarily written to cover all the experiments as per the revised syllabus for 2017-18 prescribed for Second Year B.Sc. Semester III (Physics) by the University of Mumbai. It is our endeavour to present the experiments in proper form and also suggest to set up Basic skill experiments. We reasonably feel that this text will enable students to perform experiments with confidence and understanding.

Theoretical aspect has been additionally given for which will help students to understand the experiment in proper perspective.

The procedure of each experiment is given sequentially. The observation table are given for proper presentation of various measured quantities.

All the necessary diagrams are given for proper setting up of the apparatus. All the required circuit diagram, graphs, formulae are provided. Precautions which are to be taken while performing experiments are given wherever necessary.


Contents -

Group - A
1. Y-By-Bending
2. Kater’s Pendulum
3. Searle’s Experiment
4. Flat Spiral Spring (Y)
5. Flat Spiral Spring (?)
6. Koenig’s Method
7. Lee’s Method
8. Helmholtz Resonator
9. Moment of Inertia of Compound Pendulum by Method of Coincidence
10. Stefan’s Law
11. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance of Conducting Material
12. e/m by Thomson’s Method
13. Charging and Discharging of Capacitor
14. LCR Resonance
15. Figure of Merit of a Mirror Galvanometer
16. Absolute Capacitance Using BG
17. Resistance of Galvanometer - G by Shunting
Group - B
1. Passive Low Pass Filter
2. Passive High Pass Filter
3. Passive Band Pass Filter
4. Op-amp: Inverting Amplifier with Different Gains
5. Op-amp: Non-inverting Amplifier with Different Gains and Voltage Follower
6. Op-amp: Integrator and Differentiator
7. CE-Amplifier Band Width (Frequency Response)
8. CE-Amplifier Variation of Gain with Load
9. Lissajous Figures Using CRO
10. Phase Shift Oscillator
11. Wien Bridge Oscillator
12. UJT Characteristics
13. UJT Relaxation Oscillator
14. Colpitt's Oscillator
15. Hartley Oscillator
Group - C
1. Laser Experiments: Straight Edge, Single Slit and Ruler Grating
2. Optical Fibre Transmission
3. Concept of Beat
4. Coupled Oscillations and Resonance
5. Standardization of pH Meter and Acid-base Titration
6. Determination of Isoelectric Point of Amino Acids/Protein
7. Understanding UV Visible Spectra of Protein/Nucleic Acids
8. Surface Tension of Biological Fluid
9. Microscopic Examination of Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells
10. Synthesis of Materials – Mini Project – Thin Films / Nanomaterials / Bulk Power Using Different Routes
11. Visit To Research Institute
12. Assignment and Literature Survey
Skill Experiments
1. Soldering Technique
2. Wiring of a Simple Circuit Using Bread Board
3. Digital Multimeter
4. Use of Oscilloscope
5. Travelling Microscope (Radius of Capillary)
6. Spectrometer: Mean µ of Yellow Doublet of Mercury Source
7. Spectrometer – Schuster's Method
8. Component Testing, Colour Code of Resistors, Capacitors etc.
9. Drawing of Graph on Semi-logarithmic/Logarithmic Scale
10. Radius of Ball Bearings (Single Pan Balance)

About The Author

Dr. Sopan A. Bhamare -

(M.Sc., Ph.D.)

Head, Department of Physics,

B.N.N. College of Arts, Science and Commerce,

Bhiwandi, Thane - 421302.

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